Cuba photos on display at Quincy Library

courtesy photo

Images of Cuba will be shown in the Mnary Kazda Art Space at the Quincy Library during October and November. A trip to Cuba in May of 2000 in celebration of his 50th birthday resulted in some realistic photos by Michael Feely, a physical therapist from Portland, Ore., whose images make up the exhibit titled CUBA!

“I didn’t quite know what I was getting into at the time, but it proved to be a wonderful experience, and I found part of my calling,” Feely said. I knew I had to capture some of Cuba’s natural beauty. While there he experienced a “photographic awakening.”

Because of his former trips there with Northwest Medical Teams, he had taken other photos and entered them in art shows and fundraisers in the states. People responded enthusiastically. This encouraged Feely to capture life there with his camera. He found the people receptive, warm and friendly. He helped the people then and he continues to send needed medical supplies.


Some of the photos are of people in action or in contemplation. One is of an artistic view of a wall with a small lizard. Every photo speaks about a part of Cuba. It is through Bill and Kay Judge, whose son, John, is a friend of Michael Feely’s in Portland, that this exhibit has made its way to Quincy.

The library is at 108 B St SW. The phone number is 787-2359.


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