A grab-bag of good stuff in Quincy

There are just too many good things going on in town this week to focus on one item for this week’s column. So, if you’ll forgive me, I’m going to have to cover multiple subjects in this limited space.

First, volunteers and staff members have been working very hard to prepare our new library for opening day on Monday, Dec. 19 at 9 a.m.

You’ve no doubt already seen our special section in this week’s paper that shows all the great things about the new library, but honestly, the photos and written word do not do this amazing building justice. I hope you will find the time this next week to see the new library for yourself. It is frankly amazing! It is a building that our whole community can be proud of. Not only does the library have great function with many more books, resources and space than the previous building, it is a work of art that showcases the best of the Quincy Valley. The walls are covered with art that is relevant to our community. The architecture is impressive and inviting at the same time. There is space for everyone from toddlers to elders.


I’m certain that this library will change our community for the better.

Speaking of making our community better, thanks to everyone who has donated to the Quincy Valley Lions Club’s toy drive. Each year, the toy drive ensures that needy local children will have a Merry Christmas. Remember, toys must be dropped off to Key Bank by Friday, Dec. 16 at closing. Cash donations will also be taken.

Another thing we can be proud of in the Quincy Valley is our dedicated group of volunteer firefighters. This week is Volunteer Firefighter Appreciation Week. I want to take the opportunity to thank the following volunteer firefighters and support personnel for their dedicated service to their community:

Steve Allyn, Edmundo Arreola, Kent Bacon, Laura Belino, David Benitez, Gerardo Benitez, Ed Bews, Kristine Bews, Stephen Boswell, Katrina Cameron, Karina Cook, Scott Cook, Dirk Dunn, Shannon Durfee, Janine Evens, Breck Field, Arlene Foglesong, Beverly Friedrich, Roland Friedrich, Zachary Gagnon, Jason Garrison, Luke Garrison, Anthony Graaff, Jacob Grooters, Duane Hardt, Russell Harrington, Sam Hart, Rafael Herrejon-Lopez, Paula Hille, Arlin Hinkel, Brandon Hooper, Karlie Hooper, David Hubbard, Dustin Hubbard, Cody Isbell, Bryan Johnstone, Grant Kallstrom, Patrick Keating, Jesse Keith, Bob Keller, Karen Keller, Tom Keller, Travis Kirk, Corina Kling, Joseph Krautscheid, Victor Larson, Alexander Leibelt, Lawrence Lewis, Kyle Lien, Corey Linscott, David Luna, Jonathan Lupastean, Mark Marquardt, Jim Mathews, Daniel Mathison, Nick (David) Melburn, Salvatore Mugnos, Steven Mugnos, Tommy Neagle, James Nice, Andrew Nielson, Eric Nieuwenhuis, Oscar Nunuz, Erik Oliva, Sonia Padron, Dylan Pearl, James Perez, Gar Pilliar, Amy Porter, Angel Ramirez, Jared Rang, Kenneth Redburn, Carlos Reyes IV, Christopher Richards, Jorge Rios, Jerem Rhoades, Cesar Salazar, Mickey Sargent, Devin Schlotman, Maximo Serrano Jr., Eva Smith, Rick Smith, Jeff Spence, Jim Stucky, Danielle Talley, Michele Talley, Jason Thaemert, Jacob Toevs, Nick Trejo, Howard Van Baugh, Richard Van Baugh, Cory Vancha, Jason Vetack, Samuel Wani, Joseph Westra, Marcus Westra, Dillon Whitman, Alan Williamson, Bonnie Worley, Debra Zolman and Randy Zolman.


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