Mayor proclaims October National Planning Month

Mayor Jim Hemberry proclaimed October as National Community Planning Month at the city council meeting on Tuesday. The proclamation stated that the celebration of National Community Planning Month would publicly recognize and thank the citizens who serve the community as members of the city’s planning commission/planning board.

The council voted to waive all city fees associated with Quincy Youth Action’s Family Fun in the Park, to be held on Sunday, Sept. 30 at East Park. The agreement that the city has with Youth Action allows the city council to waive the fees associated with the park on a case-by-case basis.

Park reservation fees were refunded by the council for the Wenatchee Fire Soccer Club, who reserved the use of Lauzier Park soccer fields because of poor air quality in Wenatchee due to the fires. The games were canceled when opposing teams didn’t arrive.


“These are extenuating circumstances,” said Quincy public works director, Dave Reynolds. “It’s being a good neighbor.”

In other news, Recreation Director Russ Harrington was approved for a planned 2 percent pay raise. His contract states that along with the raise, certain goals laid out by the city must be met.

The city council voted to approve a request by the Quincy Police Department to add the position of police corporal.

They also approved the transfer of a custom fit police vest to the East Wenatchee Police Department in exchange for $1,000. The transfer is in response to the resignation of Officer Kelly Gregory, who accepted a position with the East Wenatchee Police Department.

An addendum was added to the contract with the Missoula Children’s Theater Troupe, who will be performing children’s plays in local schools. The addendum allows for the addition of two extra performances.

The council authorized an agreement with Steve Konen, which would provide him with on-the-job training through Strategic Consultants Services, Inc. The training program provides for Konen’s vocational rehabilitation at a cost to the Department of Labor and Industries. Konen will be trained for inspections and the creation of a safety program.

Also approved was the adoption of an excavation and trenching policy and procedure to the Safety Policy Manual. Failure to adopt the policy before Sept. 25 would have resulted in the city falling out of compliance with the Department of Labor and Industries.

A $500 sponsorship of the Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance, to be hosted at the Quincy Community Center on Oct. 9, was approved by the council.

The sponsorship will promote the city to the events attendees.

City Administrator Tim Sneed told the council that a draft version of the Today in America segment filmed earlier in the year would be received sometime in mid-October. The final version is expected sometime in January of next year.

Harrington reported that the city’s after-school programs started on Monday. In the first two days of the program, roughly 100 students in three schools participated.


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