Bye-bye Crash, hello Chai: New name, new life for local kitty

About four months after an accident changed his life forever, the artist formerly known as Crash the Cat is loving every whiskered breath he takes.

The cat, rescued bleeding from the underside of then-Post-Register reporter Rebecca Pettingill after being hit by another vehicle, ended up at the Quincy animal shelter.

The phone call to rescue him came from Tina Hobson at Expressions Dance Studio.

After one of his legs did not heal correctly, young Crash required a surgery to amputate that leg.

Crash began a long road to recovery that got a big boost when Expressions Dance Studio’s Hobson decided to adopt Crash as soon his convalescence was over.

The adoption ultimately became final at the beginning of December, and along with a new home, Crash received a new name.

“After much consideration, we changed his name to Chai,” Hobson wrote via Facebook Messenger. “Crash was fitting since he does crash a lot while adjusting to three legs, but we wanted to try to forget the image of how he looked when we first discovered him after he was hit. I didn’t think he was going to make it. But luckily he did!”

Ever since then, it’s been a pretty sweet ride for the resilient tea-named feline and his three legs, Hobson said. Although the Hobsons already own named Stormy, the new cat on the block keeps climbing up the charts of popularity among the members of the household, three legs notwithstanding.

“He’s so funny and cute and the sweetest kitty ever,” wrote Summer Hobson, Tina’s 12-year-old daughter.

Tina is of like mind when it comes to their newest pet.

“He is a very spunky little thing. He loves playing and being mischievous. The Christmas tree is such fun and at this moment, our tree is still standing!” Hobson wrote.

It helps that Chai, né Crash, has a playmate at the Hobsons’ household.

“He has a new best friend, who was also rescued off the streets of Quincy as a kitten last year, named Stormy. They are 2 peas in a pod,” Tina wrote. “Stormy likes to teach Chai how to fight and wrestle and Stormy likes to make sure Chai stays clean too.”

The no-fourth-leg dealie does come with some drawbacks, such as his propensity to crash into things, and his difficulty reaching one of his ears to give it a good scratch.

Enter Tina and Summer.

“He loves (getting) his ears scratched,” Tina wrote. “Especially ‘cause he can’t do one side on his own.”

Sometimes he even scratches in a way that leaves others scratching their heads.

“He still does phantom scratching even though there is no leg there to scratch,” Tina wrote.

The leg may be gone but the cat is still around and the Hobsons are plenty thankful.

“We are extremely thankful for the Quincy veterinary staff, the animal shelter, and Quincy’s animal control for saving this little kitty,” Hobson wrote. “he is such a blessing in our lives and we love him very much.”

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