March is Women’s History Month, and there are a number of extraordinary women from Central Washington to celebrate. Our state has a strong history of female leaders who have paved the way for future generations and exemplified the values we hold dear.

Well, they have done it again. After weeks of criticizing the president and his administration as being incompetent in the handling of the Wuhan virus (aka COVID-19), the democrats have tried to snooker the American people one more time on our dime.

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You may have recently learned—from a newspaper, perhaps—that McClatchy, one of the largest newspaper publishers in the country, filed for bankruptcy protection. For the sky-is-falling industry observers, it’s the latest sign that newspapers are joining the horse and buggy in the broom closet…

Within the last ten years, the City of Quincy has constructed the following new buildings: a Public Safety Building, a Public Works Building, a Police Station, etc. and they have a long list of projects for 2020. Taxes are taxes, no matter whether they are city, county, state or federal.

I miss reading Rich Elfers' columns in the Post-Register. Yes, he is a little to the left of the majority of Quincy residents, but I would like to think our local newspaper also offers something for the rest of us who would like to feel included.

The Columbia River serves as the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest. In Central Washington, we realize the critical benefits provided by the hydroelectric dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers – from clean, affordable, renewable energy to flood control, irrigation, and transportation of our …

The Feb. 26 Quincy paper included a clarification regarding an error. Here’s another one. In my letter printed in the Feb. 19 issue, the last remark at the end of the second paragraph was printed as: “if they’re a majority, is that the right way to go?” That doesn’t make sense and it’s not w…

“Being American, I am presented with a problem and expect someone to solve it quickly. It is what I know that concerns me: The virus is global, it kills people, it has wreaked havoc in China and some other countries, and therefore I should be and am afraid. It is not the unknown but the poor…

Given the fact that now-impeached President Donald Trump has proven himself to be the most dishonest President in modern US history (Washington Post notes that the liar-in-chief has made over 16,241 false/misleading claims - an average of at least five per day - as of this writing), one coul…

With the latest state revenue forecast projecting a $2.4 billion budget surplus, Rep. Drew Stokesbary, has introduced a bill to provide $1 billion in tax relief for Washington's residents. All 40 members of the House Republican Caucus have signed on to the measure.

Our nation values those who have come before us, and that includes our seniors and retirees. Past generations have paved the way for future growth, and I truly believe we owe them the respect – and the benefits – they have earned. Despite my gray beard, I am not a member of the greatest gene…

Bernie Sanders has been heavily criticized because he said Cuba’s Castro did some good things. History tells us that Mussolini was well loved because he got the trains running on time in Italy. These statements don’t negate the evil that Castro and Mussolini did. Why are they construed as ei…

In the recent Quincy School District Communicator, the article titled “Program encourages students to become bilingual educators,” Katia Perez pointed out that she thinks the main agenda of students who are passionate about becoming teachers is because they want to see teachers that look lik…

By Rep. Dan Newhouse Article II of our Constitution grants the President of the United States the role of Commander in Chief of our military. While Congress holds the sole authority to declare war on another country, the Commander in Chief is obligated to defend the United States in cases of imminent threat or attack. […]

The fantastic State of the Union message our gifted president gave Tuesday night is bringing unity to our country beyond anything else I’ve seen in a long time. Seeing is believing. Our late beloved President, Ronald Reagan, once said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.” Many people viewing some of the […]

By Don C. Brunnell, Columnist Government leaders, doctors, and medical researchers worldwide are working feverishly to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep it from becoming a global pandemic. Wuhan, one of China’s major transportation hubs whose population approaches 11 million, is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak which is spreading like wildfire. Wuhan […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse When we look around Central Washington, it is hard to miss the thousands of acres of wine grapes that cascade across our rolling hills and valleys. In fact, there were more than 59,000 acres and nearly 70 varieties of wine grapes planted last year. As the co-chair of the Congressional Wine […]

February is Heart Health month and as Miss World Washington and the official spokeswoman for American Heart Association I want to speak about heart health. I am a heart patient. For 12 years, I went undiagnosed with a complete heart block and at times, my heart would not beat for five seconds. I am alive […]

The February 11 Special Election ballots are out and with just days remaining until the deadline, I’m excited to share an update about what’s happening at QVMC. Currently, the financial position of the hospital at year-end 2019 reflects an estimated $1 million improvement over 2018. We have maintained existing services including 24/7 Emergency Department, Laboratory […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse In Central Washington, we understand how reliant our economy is on international trade. From our flourishing agriculture industry to our small business and manufacturers, we all feel the effects of strong trade agreements with our global partners. Not only do our producers export the majority of food and agriculture products to […]

By Rich Elfers, Columnist I recently had a political conversation with a conservative. He found it refreshing that we could discuss and disagree without a major argument. How was this possible? We’re both moderates who believe both sides of the political spectrum have valid points. A 2019 poll revealed that Democratic and Republican priorities are […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse, U.S. Congressman As we know all-too-well in Central Washington, Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing and delisting decisions have huge, lasting impacts on local communities and environments. The ESA was signed into law to protect and revitalize species of endangered or threatened animals and wildlife, but as time passes, this law, which […]

By Don C. Brunell, Columnist Employers are looking at additional benefits to help workers who are stressed out over paying rent, transportation and food, and student loans. Even though job numbers and wages have increased, too often there just isn’t enough money to make ends meet, particularly in high cost-of-living cities such as New York, […]

The country is experiencing successes under President Donald Trump Another person from the Seattle area trying to sell us negative thoughts about our President. Why? The Democrats brought forth charges without due process (the ability to face your accusers and defend yourself). The minority party was not allowed to call witnesses and were constantly interrupted. […]

I write to thank the Post Register for the diversity of opinion often found on its Forum (Letters to the Editor) page. However, since lately there seems to be no shortage of one particular point of view being expressed on the Forum Page. I’m writing in an effort to balance things out a little bit. […]

By the Washington Senate Republican Caucus The Senate Republican Caucus is creating an internal Tax Watchdog Committee to monitor efforts to raise taxes, as well as decisions that could force tax increases in the future. Senate Republicans maintain spending should be kept in check in anticipation of an economic downturn, to ensure taxation remains stable […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse As we look forward to 2020, it is important to reflect on the accomplishments we achieved in 2019. I am proudly working to put Central Washington’s priorities first and it is truly a privilege to represent our district in Congress. The year began on a high note, as I joined President […]

Normally, if I take advantage of the two letters to the editor per month allowance, I’ve never submitted one two weeks in a row, but after reading Rich Elfers blatant attempt at deception (in my opinion) in the January 8th issue of the Post Register, it demanded an immediate response. Why someone having been given […]

By the Washington Senate Republican Caucus Senate Republicans say they share the frustrations of Washington voters with a political establishment that has done all it can to thwart their vote last November to reduce car-tab taxes. They are responding with an agenda for the 2020 legislative session that answers to their discontent. The 2020 legislature […]

Isn’t it amazing how arrogant those running for President have gotten? Take for instance, Joe Biden stated he would consider having a Republican running mate. However he couldn’t think of one right off hand. He was sure though, there were some decent ones out there. Just what passes for “decent” in his world? Someone who […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse, U.S. Congressman Impeachment is one of the most serious responsibilities afforded to Congress and that sobering responsibility has not been lost on me. The people of Central Washington sent me to our nation’s capital to represent them and I believe – when it comes to charging a President with the articles […]

By Rich Elfers, Columnist High crime: “A crime of infamous nature contrary to public morality but not technically constituting a felony.” (Miriam Webster Dictionary) Some Trump-supporting Republicans have argued that President Trump has not committed a felony. They may be right, but that’s not the issue according to the above definition. Only three presidents have […]

Americans don’t need to see the income tax returns of a billionaire who’s become a public servant, but we DO need to have investigations into public servants who weren’t millionaires prior to their political careers. “If I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary” is a quote attributed to President Trump. In an August, 2019 article […]

By Patrick Grubb President, Washington Newspaper Publishers Association In 1869, the Daily Cleveland Herald quoted lawyer John Godfrey Saxe as saying, “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” That saying, or variants of it, have been repeated so often that it has become accepted knowledge. The […]

By Don C. Brunell Bridges shouldn’t have to sink to be replaced. However, at times that’s what it takes. Too often new projects succumb to years of fighting among interest groups and endless political bickering. In 2013, opposition killed Columbia Crossings project which was formed to construct a replacement I-5 bridge across the Columbia River […]

Our city council in recent years has voted to spend millions of dollars to build administrative buildings, a fire station, a police building, a city hall, a Public Services Building, etc. to “house” our city officials and employees as they perform their important work of public service. I’m looking forward to our city officials approving […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse Science, technology, engineering, and math – more commonly known as STEM – have become some of the most highly demanded careers in our nation’s economy. Schools across the country and in Central Washington have emphasized education programs to help prepare students for future careers in fields from chemistry and earth sciences […]

By Don C. Brunell In the coming decade, investors are betting that hydrogen will become a prominent fuel which can eliminate CO2 discharges from the vehicles it energizes. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the transportation sector has dominated the growth in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions since 1990, accounting for 69% of the total […]

Media involved in cover up against President Donald Trump A recent newspaper article in The Wenatchee World was titled “Inslee not ready to OK $30 car tabs.” So what? Isn’t that why we vote on things — for the PEOPLE to decide? Well, not anymore. Some verses from a book fewer and fewer people give […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse Science, technology, engineering, and math – more commonly known as STEM – have become some of the most highly demanded careers in our nation’s economy. Schools across the country and in Central Washington have emphasized education programs to help prepare students for future careers in fields from chemistry and earth sciences […]

Voters in Eastern Washington need to ‘Cowboy up’ at the polls Well, according to the columnist, Rich Elfers, the “ignorance” of many voters in this state is why the $30 car tabs passed. Maybe it was the fact that they are tired of how the money in this state is meted out? Obviously, there were […]

By Matt Erickson Guest Column I plan on leaving Quincy on Election Day Nov. 3, 2020, and driving a John Deere tractor (pulling a trailer as sleeping quarters and as a mobile billboard) in a southerly and then easterly direction during the winter and coming up to D.C., to arrive there on or before March […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse November is recognized as National Native American Heritage Month. I believe this is an important time to remember and celebrate the contributions and history of our Native friends and neighbors in Central Washington and across the United States. With 29 federally-recognized tribes across the state, Washingtonians from every corner of the […]

By Rich Elfers I-976 “Our democrat rulers have authority without accountability to overtax its citizens … . The voters passed yet another initiative (I-976) by over a million votes to again reduce the license tab renewals down to $30 … but it only took ONE liberal judge in King County to overturn the vote of […]

Hello Quincy Valley residents. I am excited to be taking over as editor of The Quincy Valley Post-Register. I have spent the last week shadowing Dave Burgess as editor and getting to know the Quincy community and the surrounding area. A few things have become apparent to me in this short time. The first is […]

These past three years of working as editor of the Quincy Valley Post-Register have been a whirlwind. The time has passed like the periodic winds that sweep down from the north here. I have grown as a journalist and been through highs and lows with the enthusiastic team at the Post-Register. Sadly, my time in […]

By Jeremy Field As online shopping has steadily grown during the past decade, brick-and-mortar retail businesses have been looking at new ways to address this shift in consumer behavior. In an attempt to convert some of those “clicks” back to “bricks,” experiential shopping has become the latest trend and marketing technique for traditional retailers. Experiential […]

By Rep. Dan Newhouse Each Thanksgiving, I am reminded that in Central Washington, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are blessed with gorgeous national forests and public lands, powerful rivers and dams, and bountiful farm land. As we gather with our families and friends to reflect on our gratitude, let us not […]

By Don C. Brunell Imagine tuning into the Sunday morning talk shows and wondering if the politicians and commentators could possibly find something positive to say about one another or the state of affairs in America. Unfortunately, there is a better chance of snowball lasting in a sauna. But suddenly on October 20 there was […]