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For the first time in a long time, we have good news for our family farmers who have been under tremendous economic strain caused by drought, wildfires, and extreme heat.

The first order of business when Washington’s Legislature convenes in Olympia is replacing the state’s new long-term care law. It is fatally flawed.

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Christmas is the season of hope and joy, and as we look to the brightening days ahead, it is important we bring that same sense of love and generosity that has filled our hearts and homes over the last few weeks with us into the new year.

How can we help young people dream about their future with greater purpose and intent? Opportunities to explore careers gives students needed perspective to carve out meaningful and personalized career goals. It is essential to help students connect the learning and working phases of their l…

It’s a cold, dark winter here in Quincy but if you want to enjoy the outdoors. now is the best time to visit Antarctica because it is summer there and the ice passages are open. Even better, the sun is up for 18 hours a day, temperatures are bearable, and the penguins, glaciers, scenic beaut…

Increasing river flows to wash young salmon to sea works; however, once water goes down stream, it is gone. What if we could recycle it in key parts of the Columbia River system allowing us to increase electricity generation as well?

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Mandatory masks, critical race theory, eviction moratoriums, and the states’ Roe v. Wade reversals were recently presented before those in positions of power.

In a U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll released in early December, the findings spell trouble for America’s employers whether they are in the private or public sectors. It found that over 60 percent of the respondents are in no hurry to return to work and over a third of the unemployed are not a…

Last week, The Post-Register ran an opinion article with statements which I find incorrect or misleading. For example, in regards to SB 1084, the article states “Prohibiting natural gas is expensive for home and building owners many of whom installed…” SB 1084 would eliminate on-site fossil …

As talks of defunding the police ring through the halls of Congress, West-side legislators in Olympia continue to push through policies that are negatively impacting our communities, and this time, the consequences could be dangerous.

Does the United States take Canada and Mexico for granted? The United States is in a unique geopolitical position, a position never before enjoyed by any great nation in the history of the world. The danger is that by taking our two peaceful and weaker neighbors to the north and south for granted, we endanger our own existence.

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Recently I had an online discussion with several Trump supporters over Trump’s accomplishments and Biden’s failures. One man gave a long list of all the bad decisions that Biden had made since he took office 10 months ago. I countered with my own list of what I felt were Biden’s accomplishme…

Remember the television ad where the auto mechanic looks viewers straight in the eye and says: “You can pay me now or pay me later!” The message: if you change your car’s oil and filter every 5,000 miles, you can avoid a disastrous engine replacement later?

Several years ago, my daughter asked my advice about whether she should marry a certain young man. I told her I didn’t really know the young man very well since they both lived in South Africa where they worked as missionaries among the poor. I had only talked with him a few times. I told he…

President Biden is so focused on passing the so-called “Build Back Better” Act that he has completely missed multiple warning signs that his failed policies are leading our economy straight toward disaster.

Inflation? Check. Supply chain crisis? Check. Energy shortage? Check. Labor? Nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, what happens in Taiwan doesn’t just stay in Taiwan, it impacts us. So, when President Xi Jinping announced China’s plan to step up “unification “efforts, it gets our attention.

For the first time in a long time, we have good news for our family farmers who have been under tremendous economic strain caused by drought, wildfires, and extreme heat.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s end run around the legislature banning natural gas in new homes and commercial buildings is a bad idea. Even though the state legislature adjourned last spring without passing his bill, he unveiled building codes which would accomplish the same thing by fiat.

I never thought I’d have to be writing this but let me be clear: The Constitution and Declaration of Independence, our nation’s foundational documents and declaration of beliefs, are not controversial – period. I will always stand to protect, defend, and follow our Constitution.

I was recently asked about where I was that day, and I remember it keenly, deeply. I think it’s a question every American has an answer to—a moment engraved in time.

It is not surprising that COVID-19 was disastrous for our country’s economy. Millions died from COVID complications; offices, stores and factories closed; and, people were forced to quarantine at home.

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Dismissing economic laws always leads to bad consequences. Whether you believe in the efficacy of the vaccine or not, all should be opposed to mandating its use. This is because by mandating its use, we will have shortages of the employees that it’s use is required for employment. Human acti…

One of the favorite sayings during the President Trump Administration was that everyone dealing with it was “drinking from a fire hose”.  Well this administration is holding all the American people under water and every time they come up for air, they keep shoving their heads under.  Preside…

The 2020 Toyko Olympics were billed as the “Hydrogen Olympics!” Then along came COVID and sporting events worldwide were put on hold. The summer games were delayed until 2021. Postponing the games cost Japan billions and thwarted its efforts to showcase the Japanese “Green Growth” strategies.

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How do you respond to a threat?

Each year Americans throw away more than three billion batteries constituting 180,000 tons of hazardous material and the situation is likely to get much worse as the world shifts to electric vehicles.

I’m currently in Arizona where I pay to have the Quincy Valley Post-Register mailed to me, even though I get it a week late. I received a call from a Quincy friend this morning telling me that at least 1 recent local resident death may have been due to Covid related issues, and I was reminde…

One of the things that I have always kind of admired about Quincy, is it’s unusual way of projecting it’s farming community history, in the form of a mural on several business buildings in the area being painted with a scene of some old long ago photograph that shows the area’s farming histo…

Well, how do you like them apples now?  Joe Biden, the Build Back Better, Unite The Country, President of the United States, has issued the order to extend the rental moratoriam that the Supreme Court has already declared is unconstitutional.  He looked at his 3X5 notecards and they were pri…

When I was in my twenties, I created an axiom about human relations: “When a person [group, nation] changes, everyone else around that person [nation, group] must change, too.” This is especially true when understanding what is happening with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan right now.

On moving to the Quincy area 16 years ago one thing I found unusual was, the roadside gardens. I had lived here almost 10 years, before I found out that these roadside gardens were not planted and maintained by the City of Quincy. I had some City Hall business, and asked the person to pass a…

This summer, with severe drought and hot temperatures throughout the West, the threat of wildfires is once again at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Tens of thousands of acres in Washington alone are burning, and it’s not even August.

Massive forest fires in western parts of our country are not only choking us with layers of thick smoke, but are leaving behind millions of acres of scorched hillsides, ridges and valleys. Simply, there are not enough trees to absorb CO2 and prevent erosion.