Dear Fletcher: What I really need help with is staying motivated. I have trouble staying motivated in most areas of my life. What do you recommend? Mary S.

Hey Mary S. Thanks for reaching out. Reaching out for help or advice is a sign of strength. I understand that you are having challenges when it comes to staying motivated. That reminds me of something Zig Ziglar once said. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Mary, what are you doing on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated? Oh come on, Fletcher. Are you saying I have to motivate myself every day? Exactly. Just like what Zig says ... do you bathe everyday? Yep. Because you get out there in life and you get dirty, you get messed up, you get dusty, stained, bruised, sweaty, right? So you go home and you clean up. And then you feel better don’t you. It’s the same with motivation. It can be short-lived so you have to look for that motivation daily. Motivation is short-lived unless you pair it with this beautiful little gem I’m about to share with you. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to create such remarkable outcomes in their life?

What allows people to accomplish achievements such as writing a book, or a play or movie? What allows them to create art? What inspires someone to create a machine that can travel into space?

What is it that inspires someone to create technology that the rest of society said would be impossible? Why do some people seek the presidency? Why do people begin a business or how do some create such high levels of health and fitness?

The answer is that all these people have an inspiring and compelling vision!

These people had a vision in their mind that was so inspiring that they were motivated to create the vision in the physical world. It was so inspiring that they felt drawn into action to set up meetings with people they didn’t even know. They networked, they researched, they spent their own money, or were willing to borrow money or ask for donations.

They worked on their visions after they got home from work, on the weekends, talked about it, wrote about it, dreamed about it.

They had a vision of something so compelling that if they could realize it ... it would result in something significant. For some the result would be a better product, for some it was an incredible company, for some it was power, or better health, or fulfilling relationships.

For some it was contributing to something bigger than themselves and leaving a legacy. For some it would result in freedom or time, money, or personal liberties. People who are driven and seem to have a substantial amount of motivation are like that because they have substantial inspiration.

Motivation always comes from inspiration. In other words inspiration is the source.

Mary, discover what inspires you and you will have much longer lasting motivation. What lights you up? What do you feel passionate about? What energizes you? What do you love doing?

For me it’s connecting with people and helping them discover what’s been holding them back from getting to that next level in their life.

I love seeing people take on their fears and create breakthrough results. I love seeing people get excited about life and making a difference in their family, and their community. I love connecting with people on that authentic and emotional level.

It draws me into action. So, what is that compelling vision that will fill your tank of inspiration? What is the rocket fuel that will launch you out of your chair, that will spur you on to dance with your fears and create your vision? What will you do with this one life that you have been given?

The secret is to discover what makes your heart sing? Find your inspiration Mary. You can do this and I believe in you.

Fletcher Ellingson is a speaker, mindset coach, and author. Need advice? Email him at and visit him online at

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