Closing in on my first month as editor of the QVPR, I found myself dealing with the start of fall sports season

We began by issuing a sports preview, bringing back the Meet The Jacks page and then found ourselves pondering what to do about another traditional member of our autumnal coverage: The football picks’ game.

Back when I first arrived at the QVPR in 2016, I was the sports editor and the football picks’ game had the reputation of being one of those things that was barely worth the trouble.

The two editors I had as supervisors thought the game needed a lot of work.,and by the time my second year started at the QVPR, the contest hung by a thread: barely cared about and offering no prize money.

I thought the contest was fun, if a little too time consuming. I enjoyed looking for games; wasn’t as crazy about checking scores and counting points.

Enter Jeff Ackerman, the first publisher of the Quincy Valley Post Register in the post-Woods-family era. For some unknown reason, when he first came to Quincy and asked us what was going on in town, we told him about the contest, and surprise-surprise, he loved it.

He pumped more cash into the prize money, told us to advertise the heck out of it. So we did, and all of a sudden, the once-moribund football picks contest had found an unexpected second lease on life.

Fast forward to last month, and the powers-that-be at the Wenatchee World, led by our current publisher Sean Flaherty and the managing editor Russ Hemphill, handed the proverbial reins of the QVPR to their onetime sports editor.

And being the sports fan that I am, I noticed how different the sports section looked and asked about what had become of the picks’ contest, and whether we could bring it back.

One of the sticking points remains the fact that even in its latter-years’ heyday, the contest seemed to be a source of entertainment for the same small group of people each week.

We could never get it to break through and catch the eye of a larger segment of the population.

This was Quincy, and the widespread love for football was (and is) there. The widespread love for the contest, not so much.

So, two weeks ago, we decided to shelf the contest for this year, just so we did not have to be rushed in putting it together, what with the football season starting in two weeks.

The idea is to bring it back next year, but before we do, I want to ask you whether you would want to participate if we brought it back, and what changes we could make to make it more enticing and entertaining and worth your while.

Send me your feedback regarding the contest by writing to, or by calling 509-787-4511. If we are going to do this, we want to do it right, and the first step is to listen to our readers.

As always, thanks for reading your QVPR. And go Jacks!

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