In a congressional oversight hearing with the new Postmaster General this week, Congressman Palmer pointed out that in 2019 there were at least 378 counties nationwide that had more voter registrations than there were citizens living in those counties that were old enough to vote. In the state of Iowa there were at least 18,658 “extra voters” (above and beyond registered voters). He went on to point out that under the National Registration Voter’s Act of 1993, judicial watch sent violation letters to 19 large counties in five states, that Real Clear Politics reported that in Los Angeles County alone there were 1.6 million ineligible voters, and that 38 states have counties where the registration is over 100%.

A 2012 Pugh study noted there were 24 million voter registrations that were either invalid or significantly inaccurate, including 1.8 million dead people and another 2.75 million who were registered in at least two states.

Palmer mentioned there were 84 thousand ballots disqualified in the recent New York primary. That’s a number that could make a significant difference, don’t ya think?

Section 8 of the National Voter’s Registration act, passed by Democrats in 1993, signed by President Clinton, required states to perform voter registration maintenance, therefore making it the responsibility of the federal government to make sure that states and local governments voter rolls are consistently accurate. According to Congressman Palmer, the Obama-Biden administration did not perform a single enforcement action during their entire term.

The choice of the Obama-Biden administration to ignore the National Voter’s Registration Act potentially may have changed the outcome of numerous elections during their reign.

If trying to influence any country’s election is wrong, why didn’t the mainstream media go berserk when former President Obama did exactly that—with taxpayer dollars! See the Washington Times article titled “Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu.”

The press consistently gave President Obama a pass on anything and everything. Why? To do otherwise was considered racist, whether he was at fault or not. Think about it.

By the way, Michael Jordan, who attained his notoriety and wealth largely because of the help and support of white people, donated 100 million dollars to Black Lives Matter. The damage done in Minneapolis alone, by Black Lives Matter, is said to be over 500 million. You can easily find these facts online but you won’t find them on the mainstream media.

We live in an era when Oprah Winfrey is one of the most privileged people on earth and there are more black people in positions of power and wealth than ever before. Yet, despite the fact that Oprah’s position and wealth were made possible due to the help, promotion and support of white people, she has now joined the ranks of those who want to shame the very people who have given them a platform.

Anyone heard of Herschel Walker recently? Someone needs to tell the very white Rich Elfers, who consistently claims that President Trump is racist, that he should consult Herschel Walker, a black man and a friend of President Trump for over 37 years, as to whether President Trump is a racist or not. Someone should tell the obvious Trump-hating Mr. Elfers to ask Alveda King if President Trump is a racist. God almighty! Why people are allowed to perpetrate lies just because they are a paid columnist is a travesty. Notice the man’s email address is no longer included with his columns. Wonder if that’s because at least one person, Kathie King, took the time to communicate with him about some of the propaganda he promoted. Thank you Kathie! If your mom and your aunt Belle are watching you from above I’m sure they are high fiving and shouting “atta girl Kathie!”

Even the unreliable, totally biased “Snopes” acknowledges that indeed, on April 2, 2019, Kamala Harris said “I believe them,” in reference to four women who had previously accused Biden of inappropriate touching. So between April and August she has decided she wants to support the candidacy of the man she publicly stated she believed sexually harassed four women. Disgusting and despicable and that is an example of the extreme flip-flops our country will be reeling under should a Biden-Harris administration come to pass. Personally, I believe should it happen, when Joe Biden is suddenly unable to say anything intelligible at his swearing-in ceremony, Kamala Harris will become president right then and there, while Biden is escorted away to a dementia facility where a room has already been reserved for him.

Have you noticed that the mainstream media has said nothing about this: Senator Harris’ father is a Jamaican national and her mother is from India, and neither was a naturalized U.S. citizen at the time of Harris’ birth in 1964. In fact, neither of them was even a “lawful permanent resident” of the U.S. at the time. This means that she is not a “natural born citizen”, and therefore this also means she is ineligible for the office of vice-president. 

While most Americans, untrained in the Constitution, believe that anyone born on U.S soil is automatically a citizen, this is actually a new idea, unheard of until the late 1960s. As John Eastman points out, “the Supreme Court has never held that anyone born on U.S. soil, no matter the circumstances of the parents, is automatically a U.S. citizen.” Birthright citizenship only belongs to those whose parents were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States the moment they were born. 

For example, children born in the U.S. to guest workers from Mexico during the 1920s were not regarded as citizens, nor were children born to guest workers in the bracero program of the 1950s and early 1960s. 

One last thing that has been a huge deception nearly all of the population has fallen for; America is not and was not founded as a Democracy. We are a constitutional republic, which is why, in the pledge of allegiance we say “and to the republic” (instead of “and to the Democracy”). Democracy boils down to mob rule and majorities can easily be manipulated through media takeover and convincing deception. In a constitutional republic, those elected “democratically,” if you will, are voted in to defend and uphold the constitution. So the next time someone refers to “our democracy,” you might want to let them know they’ve been duped and suggest they study our constitution. Thank you Loren Culp for bringing this truth to light! May the Lord of Light give you a sweeping landslide victory in November! If you agree with this proclamation, shout “Amen,” “Yeehaw”. . . or somethin’!

Dwight Needens, Quincy

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