Well, I think the average Washingtonian who isn’t working from home, the ones who take pride in having a job to feed their families and aren’t gleeful about getting more money to stay home than they were making when they were working, have had a bellyful.

Essential services, that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? How about being able to get a haircut so we don’t look like someone from the caveman era, women included?

Not only would it make a person feel better and have a little pride, the people who are in the cosmetology business can’t hang in there any more, they are on the verge of their business being out of business, permanently. Most are a one-operator shop.

The average mom and pop small business is probably on the ropes now too. It doesn’t matter how much we stay at home, the virus is going to be around. It is not going away. There is such a thing as herd immunity and I believe we are at that point now. Interesting how the new drug they have discovered that costs a lot of money and cuts the hospital stay from 15 days on average to 12 days is the cat’s meow.

No one wanted to do an honest-to-God test on the cheap one that many people said were saving them from checking out in just a day or two. Oh no, that couldn’t be beneficial, it had been around for decades and might cause some side effects. Well, gee, I wonder what the side effects of this new puppy are going to be and if they are going to be right up front about it.

Governor Inslee wants a four phase program, he said so today. He wants three weeks between phases. Do the math, I think you can use the old multiplication method, it should work and will be a lot quicker than the 15 steps the kids have to take now, and I bet you will understand how you got the answer just fine.

I think now I understand why pot shops and liquor stores were essential and churches were not. Pot and booze help you get a false euphoria. Churches give you hope and the gumption to fight the control that is being put upon us.

Everything seems to revolve around King County. There are a lot of other counties in this state that are important too, a lot of people are getting so discouraged that it is a wonder if there will be a state left to live in if things don’t open up now. It might just get to a point that it is too late.

Kathie King, Quincy

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