Remember as a child reading the book “The Emperors’ New Clothes”? The crowds all cheered and gave oohs and aahs at how beautiful the clothes were. Only the little child was brave enough to say the King was naked. Isn’t this much the same as we have been seeing since Memorial Day? Our media can stand on the street in front of a store that is being looted and burned telling us that a “peaceful” demonstration is happening. The media is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and as the Nazi’s used to say, if you tell people the same lie over and over pretty soon they will believe it.

Yes, black lives matter, but let’s be real and take it one step farther; all lives matter! The words black lives matter by themselves are true. What is a lie is that this movement isn’t really about any black life. Just ask the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones and businesses with all the so-called “peaceful” demonstrations. The BLM crowd is out to destroy everything America stands for. It is about creating chaos, destroying the police so that only anarchists will rule, it is about total destruction of the American family and all of its morals and teachings. There is no discourse with the rioters, they have been taught that if you scream and use profanity with every other word, no one present can express any opposing opinion. When anyone tries to talk to the demonstrators, one would wonder if they have any education at all; certainly not history. Notice how in Seattle they abolished the police but set up their own borders with armed guards. What will we have when there are no more police? Think about it. Gang and corrupt rule come to mind.

The Marxist, socialist agenda promotes envy. Even Shakespeare noted: “envy mocks what it feeds on in that it is incapable of rejoicing in the good of another.” Envy is becoming pervasive in our society. We are being taught to resent the success of others as somehow it threatens our identity or morale. We are taught to resent the belongings of others as it somehow came from our portion of the pie. We are taught to find excuses in our perpetual victimhood that can be laid at the feet of those who succeed. The Marxist BLM relies on envy to stir resentment so as to destroy the social order. Envy leads us to demonize the successful, to seek their downfall, to denigrate their talents, and to destroy their reputations. It is much easier to tear someone down than it is to convert oneself to something greater.

Our children are being fed a diet of anarchy in the schools. Parents are to have no input into what is being taught. We see this so clearly in our own state of Washington where our Governor signed into law that sex education (or re-education) must start in Kindergarten. As the children move on into upper grades history will be replaced with forming the students into mindless robots who aren’t allowed to have a personal opinion. Seattle employees are being required to go through training to deal with their racist white attitudes. Our founding fathers were extremely smart men. They knew the evil, envious tendencies of men and had the foresight to address it in the Constitution.

All men are created equal, and endowed by their creator to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. The Marxists are trying to stop this. Many of the largest companies such as Nike, Walmart, Ford and Adidas have given millions to the BLM movement. If they really care about black lives, why not give that money to the communities who were destroyed and are still being destroyed with all the violence, not the group that is working on tearing down our country.

Once again, I am asking all Christians to look into your hearts and open your eyes as the young child in “The Emporers’ New Clothes.” Seattle’s mayor thought there would be a “summer of love,” but the story changed fast when the gang came knocking on her doorstep. Thus, what a lot of our governors and mayors portray; okay for thee but not for me.

We are being told one lie after another. No university degrees are needed for people to see this. We need to speak out and let our voices be heard in a respectful tone free of profanity and say, “we have had enough!”

Marylou Krautscheid, Quincy

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