As a reader of the P-R, and always looking forward to reading what is happening in and around Quincy, letters to the editor, the expression of different ideas and views.

The Post-Register policy on columns and letters is a good one. 1) Limit the writing to 400 words or less. 2) Twice monthly. 3) Reject material of poor taste. 4) No libel or personal attacks. These are good policies.

My question is, why doesn’t the PR follow these policies and continue to print Rich Elfers’ column almost weekly. His writing is pure and simple a left-leaning socialist and Donald Trump hater. What the PR is doing is giving Mr. Elfer (sic) free press to slam Trump and spread his socialist ideas.

To have the P-R a more friendly and readable paper, thank Mr. Elfers and tell him the Post- Register readers no longer need his left-leaning and hate-Trump columns. I’m confident the readers of the Post-Register have a high enough IQ to decide for themself (sic) whether they like or dislike Donald Trump and that his column may be a better fit for another part of the state.

Dick Zimbelman


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