In response to Dain Schroeder’s letter, calling President Trump a lying lunatic, I was surprised examples weren’t required, not to mention less dangerous rhetoric. Seems we still have a double standard when it comes to who’s allowed to say what. I’m publicly making Dain an offer of $20 an hour if he’ll listen to five hours each of One America News and Newsmax with his parents, have an open minded dialogue with them, and report back to us on his conclusion. And Dain, please, how about an unbiased report on Joe Biden’s lies? You can find several, proven and well-documented, in just minutes!

History is repeating itself. The Democratic leadership’s speeding up implementation of the same techniques the Nazi’s effectively used against Jews (and anyone helping them), less than 100 years ago. Democrat leadership, despite their supposed superiority against racism, have begun targeting conservatives regardless of their race. Robert Unanue now needs board permission to speak to the media. Goya Foods has voted to silence him after he told Fox News the election was “unverified.” One article stated “Goya’s board of directors had enough of CEO Robert Unanue’s public comments in support of former President Donald Trump and his unfounded claims of voter fraud. On Friday, it voted to muzzle him.” Except they’re not unfounded.

People are being silenced for doing what the mainstream media should be doing: telling the truth. Instead, they use words and phrases like baseless, unfounded and “no evidence” despite videotaped evidence, and lots of sworn testimonies of observed fraud, cheating, rule-breaking and law breaking that occurred all over the country. Though finally brought out, it’s all being suppressed, ignored and denied instead of exposed across the board. Remember how Christine Gregoire got in by insisting on recounts until they changed the outcome? Do you actually believe Inslee honestly won a third term after being the king of taxation (when he’d said he’d not raise taxes), his apple maggot misdemeanor, and lying about his knowledge of the autonomous zone?

No matter your party, we should all want to see the evidence, right? The case should be heard and the evidence shown; plain and simple. If done fairly, we’d all benefit, wouldn’t we? Instead, the Democrats and media act like a cheating spouse who doesn’t want you to look through their text messages, insisting arrogantly, “there’s nothing there!” Well then, no harm in looking, right?

Dwight Needens

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