One of the favorite sayings during the President Trump Administration was that everyone dealing with it was “drinking from a fire hose”.  Well this administration is holding all the American people under water and every time they come up for air, they keep shoving their heads under.  President Biden is meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister today, if I was the PM I wouldn’t tell him a single thing that the Israelis are going to do, he would just run to Iran and spill his guts.  This is where this administration is now, they lie, they fabricate and have lost the confidence of the American people and the rest of the world.

 As for the Covid, when they are allowing unvaccinated and untested people to come into the United States and run amok among the population, they have lost the confidence of everyone to handle this situation.  For someone to be offended about the words “a certain bug is cramping people’s style around the world” and demanding an apology is bizarre.  Was this same person offended and demanding an apology when the Minnesota Representative Omar stated “some people did something on 9/11/2001? I think not.  

 Covid vaccinations are not stopping the spread.  Masks are not stopping the spread.  Yet, the FDA is demanding that doctors not prescribe Ivermectin and the like.  What is it going to do?  Kill people?  The “right to try” should be implemented if people want to be treated with it.

 Inslee refuses to have a special session to deal with the police reform laws.  That is our esteemed Governor at his best.  Avoid and demand no matter if it hurts his constituents or not.  Sort of like bringing rotten apples for a gift.  

No one in charge of this state or the country is there because of merit.  They are there because of corruption in our elections, it is more evident as each day goes by.  

 Well, there goes my 400 words, unfortuneatly, unlike Rich Elfers, I have to stop.  He can babble on.


Kathie King, Quincy

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