Dear Quincy City Council members

The recent resignation of a Quincy shelter employee and her subsequent presentation during her exit interview with a representative from the city, the Mayor and three city council members gives me grave concerns about how shelter animals are being treated.

I am a former board member of Friends of the Shelter, have solicited sponsors for the Quincy Register’s weekly “Adopt a Pet” column for almost two years and also headed up the “Cutest Rescue Dog Contest” sponsored by Friends of the Shelter this past November. I have donated many volunteer hours and money for the benefit of the shelter. Most members of Friends of the Shelter have been involved for years and have also put in many volunteer hours. The volunteers have been doing their job and we always assumed the shelter employees were doing their job.

The kennels and yards are not being cleaned of feces and the dogs are not exercised or walked on a regular basis. On occasion expired meds are given instead of making sure all meds are up to date; the shelter budget has ample funds for all meds. Additionally, the Quincy shelter has always been touted as a “no kill” shelter. In conversations with people familiar with shelter operations it appears this may not be the case. I believe this requires immediate investigation and clarification. The Quincy shelter does not want to become known as a “kill shelter”. I personally will not be involved with a kill shelter and I believe I speak for most other volunteers.

The community and its volunteers have generously donated money, cat and dog food and other supplies. They always respond when a need is posted in the paper. They have always acted in good faith expecting that the shelter was being operated in the best interests of the animals.

Bottom line, the animals in our shelter are being abused. Why are the people in charge not being held accountable? I join many in the community who are passionate about the well being of all animals and feel that something must be done to rectify the inexcusable situation in our shelter. The animals cannot tell you what is wrong but we can!

Thank you for your help,

A concerned Quincy resident

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