Dear Editor,

Some of my opponent’s supporters seem to have false information about my eligibility to serve as Grant County Commissioner. In fact, I was asked a question about it at a forum just yesterday. Apparently they’ve been led to believe I don’t live in Grant County.

Unfortunately some folks don’t consider this area (northern Commissioner District 1) as part of the county, but I love this region and am proud to be from “up north.” I serve as the GOP Precinct Committee Officer from Hartline Rural North (Precinct 73) and serve as the 12th Legislative District Chair on the Grant County Republican Executive Board. Any question about my eligibility can be posed to the county elections office or anyone can go on TaxSifter on the county assessor’s website and look up Stone Family North LLC. You’ll see where I live.

It could be confusing because my farm’s physical mailing address is Almira and that town is in Lincoln County. I don’t set the postal boundaries. Or, there’s the fact that while being considered as a possible appointee to the 13th Legislative District seat vacated by Matt Manweller in late 2018 to January 2019, I moved and established residency in Almira. When I was not appointed, I promptly moved back to the farm. It’s about integrity folks.

In fact, this race for commissioner needs to be about integrity, life experience, qualifications, leadership success, county stewardship, common sense…those kinds of things. Choose well your next District 1 County Commissioner.

Learn about your candidates. Vote conscientiously, but please vote. Many of your questions can be answered at

For Grant County,

Danny Stone

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