Oh my gosh, where do I begin...I am answering the “call to patriots” and I have to do it in 400 words or less. It has been pointed out that the “con man” has overseen the most dishonest, dysfunctional and morally corrupt administration in American history. I am confused as to whether that was a reference to the “con man” who told us we could keep our doctor, that promised every family would save an average $2,400 a year, that sent billions of dollars in cash to Iran so he could get a good deal on nuclear weapons, or is it the “con man” who waved his magic wand to bring companies back from overseas, who rebuilt our military after the other “con man” almost destroyed it. One “con man” got things on a roll to build the economy and lower unemployment for every sector. During that “con man’s” administration, 401ks have risen, bureaucratic red tape has been chopped up enabling business to increase, average Americans have seen more dollars in their paychecks and then boom, here comes the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Here comes the BLM riots and democrat run cities allowing them to continue, and all of that is supposed to be the fault of President Trump.

Our “American patriot” is licking his lips imagining the margin of victory of the Biden and Kamala Harris, or the Harris administration, will be so overwhelming that we can quickly overcome the “dystrumpian” nightmare we currently survive. This is coming from someone who says he is from Seattle, home of the “summer of love.” How much suffering, injustice, deception and division did the businesses and citizens in Seattle during the BLM “peaceful protests” suffer? How is it working out for the people in Portland? Kamala Harris has stated that protests will never end if she isn’t elected. Oh, yes, they will.

Tens of thousands more would have died if a Democrat had been in charge. They all went to China town.


Kathie King, Quincy

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