There’s a lot of information being withheld from folks who listen and trust only in mainstream news sources.

On Lou Dobbs Tonight show on the Fox Business channel, Lou has pointed out that Ronna McDaniel revealed there are 518 sworn affidavits charging that electoral fraud occurred in five states with claims of more than 11 thousand verifiable incidents of democratic fraud in the counting and voting process.

There’s also a lawsuit filed in Michigan where Republican poll watchers were denied their right to view the vote counting process. There were zero complaints of the same thing happening to Democrats in any state.

Joe Biden, and a majority of media outlets, are acting as if the election is all wrapped up, signed, sealed and just waiting to be delivered. The problem is that neither Joe Biden nor the media can certify elections or their results. Come to think of it, remember Joe Biden in the first presidential debate in Cleveland, assured Chris Wallace and the American people he would encourage his supporters to not declare victory until the election was certified. He calmly said these things take time.

Seems he has changed his opinion. Come to think of it, remember, during his presidential campaign, he stated more than once that he was running for the senate.

Mark Owens, Quincy

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