Dear Editor,

There has been much discussion lately about the supposed lies President Trump has told. One even stated he has lied 20,000 times. If President Trump has lied 20,000 times, then multiply that number by a factor of 10 (200,000) lies the far-left liberal press has committed in the last four years in their reporting on President Trump. The vitriol the liberal press has for President Trump is evident by the use of the same buzz words used by them on a daily basis. Who is their mentor? Apparently they cannot think for themselves.

Recent claims in this paper also accuse President Trump of killing 190,000 people because of his handling of COVID-19. These accusations are ludicrous. When President Trump stopped the flights from China, Joe Biden and the press called him a racist among other things. Nancy Pelosi was encouraging people to go to ChinaTown as it was perfectly safe. So let’s examine who really killed people.

Governor Cuomo of New York sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes and old folks homes where the virus spread among those most vulnerable to the virus. Thousands died by the governor’s direct actions. Has anyone called him a murderer? A vaccine will be out in record time thanks to actions taken by President Trump and the pharmaceutical companies.

The 2020-21 flu season is coming soon and sadly people will get sick and people will die from it, 30,000 to 80,000 recorded each year. There is no such thing as absolute safety. It is called life and we all must deal with it. So open the schools and businesses that have been closed as someone famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

The recent passing of Justice Ginsberg has ignited another fire storm with the Democrats and the liberal news media. President Trump has the right to put forth someone to replace her and Judge Barrett is an excellent choice. The Democrats are crying foul, but make no mistake; they would do the same thing if they controlled the Presidency and the Senate. The hypocrisy of the Democrats and the liberal press is self-evident. Enough said.

Tony Stadelman, Quincy

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