Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” is off to a rocking good start. First day he managed to eliminate an estimated 12,000 jobs on the Keystone Pipeline plus tens of thousands of jobs associated with it. How’s that working out for Unions who backed Biden? Now Canada is thinking about suing the U.S. over this action. He has a leg up on getting along with other countries.

Oh, and he acted on the transgender sports issue that all of us had at the top of our list. After working so hard to get girls’ sports to the point they are, now they can watch boys who “feel” like a girl on any particular day line up next to them on the starting blocks, volleyball games, softball fields and any other venue they choose. You just can’t make this up. So much for “unifying” the country.

I want Biden supporters to write to this paper every month listing all the things he and his administration have done to “build back better” the average American’s life. Hopefully, there will be enough room to print all of their letters. You know who I am talking about.

This is just the beginning. People who supported President Trump are supposed to be reprogrammed, deprogrammed, cancelled and not allowed to voice any opposition to anything. This amounts to over 75 million Americans. When their taxes go up, the gas prices go up because we will not be energy independent anymore and will have expenses complying with the green energy mandates.

They will not be allowed to say “no, this is not what we want.” All the jobs they promise when they implement these laws will be in the same place of the “shovel ready” jobs Obama gave us. The ill treatment of our National Guard is what we have to look forward to. Dig in, hold the line and get rid of the pikers.


Kathie King, Quincy

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