Here’s the deal… all conservatives and those who voted for President Trump are supposed to stop having a tantrum (their opinion) over the results that the media and Democrat Leaders say are legitimate.

These are the people who refused to attend the inauguration in 2016. These are the people who said anytime you see a Republican administration member eating in a public place they should be harassed and made to leave, they should have no peace. These are the people who sat back and said nothing to stop ordinary people’s businesses and livelihoods being looted and burned. These are the people who said nothing when ordinary people were harassed having a meal in the god forsaken areas outside businesses because they weren’t allowed inside to eat in peace. All in the name of saving lives? Whose life? If you are a protester you are apparently immune to COVID-19.

Andrew Yang and his ilk are encouraging people to move to Georgia and vote to influence the election there...this is illegal, they have to reside for a year for this to be lawful...who is going to do that? He backtracked today and said he isn’t moving there, he is just going down there to help recruit voters to the Democrat candidates.

Let’s let the legal system take its course; however, I believe the Democrat party went too far and they have tainted any further elections nationwide. We have suffered in Washington State for decades with Democrat rule, they are suffering in Oregon, California, New York, etc. We will all be like California sooner than later.

President Reagan said it would only take one generation to lose our country...with the liberal education system, it is in the works.

However, there are over 72 million Americans who will not cave in. The populist movement is not defeated. The Democrats want us to believe President Obama and their party are geniuses, President Trump and the rest of us are racists.

Kathie King, Quincy

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