This is the first time I’ve publicly supported a political candidate. I put up a Culp for Governor sign. It was in the yard for a few days before the following incident happened. On Thursday, Sept. 3, my husband moved the sign while preparing to mow the lawn. While doing so, he found a dead rat with its head cut off by the yard sign.

I’m sure this was someone’s protest against Culp. However, to me this is a negative method of protesting. Besides that, the sign was on our property. We have a right to put the sign on our property.

Obviously, someone doesn’t want Culp to be elected as governor, and that is their right. A more positive way to show their preference would be to put a sign for the candidate of their choice in their yard or simply to vote. People shouldn’t be allowed to get away with putting headless rats beside a sign, defacing signs or graffiting them, but unfortunately, they do.

I decided to write this letter to let the people of Quincy know this senseless event took place. I also felt that if I ignore it, it is an indication that I condone this type of behavior, and I certainly don’t.

Bonnie Kniveton, Quincy

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