Dear Editor,

First, a heartfelt thank you to Ron Moen, Rich Elfers and Randy Henson for saying things in past editorials that needed to be said.

Second, many of my fellow countrymen feel that having to wear a mask, such an easy thing to do and proven to save lives, is an infringement on their right to freedom. Let me tell you about my freedom. I am through no fault of my own fighting two types of cancer and have gone to emergency and been hospitalized twice in the last year. I cannot go out of my home or have visitors in large part because of others refusal to wear masks. Freedom? I try to see things from both sides but can’t do it this time. And if you think “herd immunity” will happen, look up the statistics related to that happening.

Third, I do not understand any longer people who are willing to support a president who brags about the ease that he can sexually assault women, has lied or falsely misled us over a fact checked 20,000 times in four years and calls people names. He will throw anybody under the bus. I urge all to listen to all media and do some fact checking on what they believe and then repeat.

Whoa! President just tweeted he is getting out of the hospital and said, “Don’t be afraid of Covid.” Unbelievable!

Connie Nelson, Quincy

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