I’d like to thank fellow Christian Mark Owens for his eloquent response to my recent opinion letter. I completely agree with Mr. Owen’s assertion that one can use any bible verse to justify their beliefs.

Progressive Christian Democrats emphasize bible verses that exalt social justice, equality, respecting authority and raising up “the least of us.” Conservative Christian Republicans tend to focus on different biblical teachings, as the verses Mr. Owens selected demonstrate.

As a neophyte bible scholar, I read the bible with the intent of recognizing the “overriding themes” and always ask “what would Jesus think and do?” Obviously, all Christians read the bible with our unique belief systems, upbringings and cultural and environmental influences forming the truths we glean. Given that, progressive and conservative believers fully and equally sharing in Jesus’s salvation, will inevitably arrive at different conclusions about controversial topics such as our recent election.

Mr. Owens pointed to a moral quandary that many Christians face and should rightly consider. Should we bow down to earthly authority if they are despots, dictators, and murderers? My progressive Christian upbringing tells me that we should stand up to tyranny because Jesus did the same in His rebuke of the Pharisees. However, likening the acceptance of Joe Biden’s authority to accepting Pontius Pilate, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao as righteous leaders is in no way equivalent. President-Elect Biden is not a blood-thirsty demagogue.

The bible affirms that God has always been in control throughout history, even as evil rulers come and go. God orchestrated every detail of the betrayal, execution, and resurrection of Jesus, in which Pontius Pilate had a Heaven-sanctioned role to play. Burgeoning Christian worship in Russia, Germany’s ardent efforts to accept the responsibility of Hitler’s atrocities, and unparalleled cultural achievement in Asia, all celebrate God’s dominion over destruction.

As Mr. Owens correctly ascertained, progressive and conservative Christians do not obtain their news from the same networks and publications. Progressive Christians are consuming information that does not give airtime to the isolated cases of voter fraud claims Mr. Owens cites. In the end, if the Conservative belief that widespread voter fraud occurred is true, it will come to light, as all darkness does.

Lastly, Mr. Owens claims that Christian Progressives and Democrats did not accept President Trump’s win. We did. We hated it. But we accepted it. Hillary Clinton even conceded; something Trump has yet to do.

Sandy Zavala

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