Well, they have done it again. After weeks of criticizing the president and his administration as being incompetent in the handling of the Wuhan virus (aka COVID-19), the democrats have tried to snooker the American people one more time on our dime.

They tried to insert money for their precious abortion frenzy. What is with these people? They pitched a fit when President Trump asked for $2.8 billion, said this was no time to be a piker, and then they pull this garbage? Thank goodness the bill as it was written is stopped by those looking out for us. It is so much easier to hide something this distasteful in $8 billion isn’t it? On top of that, they want to stop the ban on who can travel to and from certain countries.

With Italy, among others being rampant with the Wuhan virus, this is not out of line.

Just think about it. This is what they do in a situation of life and death, just think what free rein they would exercise if they were in power at every level of government. Katy bar the door.

It is more evident every day that the Democrat front runner is not up to the task to be president. He is being limited to seven minutes or thereabouts to put forth his ideas and opinions. The party wants to stop any more debating and let him sit in a chair, and when he has to do one, he stumbles over his sentences at any given time. Picture him having a sit down with the leaders of other countries.

However, we know that he wouldn’t be in charge of his presidency if he were elected. There would be an influx of personnel who oversaw the jobs going overseas, medications being manufactured overseas (these need to be coming back under our oversight), and regulations ad nauseum. It will be a never ending list of progressive ideas that do very little good for anyone except special interest groups, whether it cripples the economy and makes life miserable for the rest of us or not.

Beto O’Rourke is going to be front and center of gun control if former Vice President Biden is elected. I can’t wait to see who will be his cabinet members if this is his quality of choices.