The longest-serving woman in Congress, Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur, told The Hill in a recent interview that she struggles with a growing sense of alienation within the Democratic Party as she fights for the interests of her largely working-class Midwest constituents. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is increasingly dominated by representatives from wealthy, often coastal districts. “They just can’t understand,” Kaptur told the outlet (referring to the difficulty some of her Democrat colleagues have in relating to the concerns of blue-collar constituents like hers).

Democrat leaders are all about growing their inner-circle’s wealth. They talk about caring for the poor, but individually and as a group, they sacrifice nothing while their actions make them and their cronies richer than rich. If you hate everything else about Donald Trump, though he was extremely wealthy, it was a very honorable thing that he gave up his salary the whole time he was in office. I think we should promote legislation that everyone in public office should give up their salaries. If they’re truly there to “serve” why wouldn’t they? Look up “Dr. Anthony Fauci’s $417,608 Tops All Federal Salaries.” Their idea of caring for the poor is all about continuing endless tax increases and burdening the entire population with only expensive health solutions and medications, while ignoring and squelching low-cost but successful treatments, deeming them dangerous or not reliable while flippantly discrediting other very successful doctor’s opinions and results, banning them in large numbers from having a voice.

The U. S. President makes $400,000 per year plus other allowances bringing the benefit package up to $569,000. If the independently wealthy President Biden will donate his salary, that indeed will be a step towards uniting the nation.

Hey, look this up! On Nov. 7, 1983 the May 19 Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the senate in an attempt to kill Republicans. Susan Rosenberg was imprisoned for this but pardoned by Bill Clinton. She’s now part of a non-profit that sponsors fundraising for BLM. While the relatively tiny capital riot’s been called the worst day in American History, what should we call the bombing of the U.S. Capital, a «mostly peaceful protest?» Where was the media’s condemnation and rage over the criminals Clinton and Obama pardoned?

References to Nancy Pelosi and Republican Darrell Issa’s wealth are beyond belief. In the spirit of unity, they should’ve started serving for free long ago.

Dwight Needens

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