On Sean Hannity’s Oct. 28, 2020 program, Newt Gingrich said: “Facebook now has 12 Chinese communists working for them, in Seattle, applying the algorithms of censorship which are so common in China.”

I‘ve never in my entire life seen a human being whose eyes look like Mark Zuckerberg’s. I watched a 2018 interview that Leslie Stahl conducted with him. In all close-ups, while the pupils of Leslie Stahl and others appear normal, Zuckerberg’s pupils are clearly dilated. If you type in “Zuckerberg’s eyes dilated” in your internet search window, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

Given the fact that a person has to take something or be given something (unless they’re in the dark) for their eyes to be dilated, it’s a possible explanation as to why he appears, and sounds, emotionless, even robotic, when speaking. And if you are a business that is promoting freedom, why would you have 12 Communists working for you in Seattle (maybe more elsewhere). With communism comes censorship. Like censoring a well documented story by the New York Post, one of the oldest and largest newspapers in the country.

While ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, and NPR news tell you about any Republican turning against Trump, why aren’t they telling you about all the Democrats who’ve shifted their support to Trump? Because they are paid to be biased, which has been obvious to millions who chose to be weaned from nursing at the teats of deception while others are either too lazy to take the time to investigate, or, like George H. W. Bush is claimed to have said, they “can’t handle the truth” (referring to the American people).

You’ll find solid “real” news (in my opinion), on oann.com (One America News, channel 347 on Direct TV) which today reported about a life-long black Democrat, and Flint City Council Vice President, Maurice Davis, pulling out all the stops in support of President Trump.

Did any news programs you listen to report that, in August, C-SPAN had so many Democrats calling in support for Trump that they had to change their protocol? Look up the Aug. 28 article by Jordan Davidson. Did they report on and show you clips and photos of black Trump supporters being attacked, even killed? Look up Bernell Trammell! Bless his heart! Say his name Kamala! God almighty! People who trust mainstream news need to be detoxed.

Dwight Needens, Quincy

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