A new site, Rumble, provides eye-opening testimony of rampant voting/ballot fraud, coupled with abuse and harassment of U. S. citizens of all races (some, first generation Americans!) as they attempted to serve our Republic.

You can find these clips on Rumble.com.

“Witness Statement #4 Michigan Voter Fraud.” Listen to Jose Aliaga telling of things he’s sworn to under oath. Born in Peru and grateful to be a U. S. citizen, he looked forward to being a part in supporting the integrity of our election. Instead, he experienced a nightmare! He tells of being intimidated and harassed when he was trying to observe, citing one example of a man that would walk around him loudly saying his name “Jose! Jose! Jose!” over and over. He told of people shouting at him and blocking him from seeing the ballots. This was just one of many such testimonies. Listen to the witness clips! If you’ve believed the lies of CNN, PBS and others, this might begin to deprogram you!

Look up “AZ - Woman Who Had Her Vote Stolen Comes Forward” This lady was told her ballot was mailed out. She’s said, under oath, that the ballot never arrived, later learning someone else voted with it! She said it was the same case with her roommate. Speaking after her was a young black man who told of unethical, rude and aggressive behavior and intimidation he experienced on election night.

Despite official hearings in multiple states (with witnesses from all races who’ve given sworn statements under penalty of perjury), the mainstream media have been shunning and disenfranchising a huge swath of Americans, repeating—ad nauseum—the robotic phrase of there being “no evidence of voter fraud.” Why don’t these perfectly-groomed, overpaid propagandist traitors play a portion of some of these people’s testimonies and let you decide? People like William Barr and Christopher Krebs, in my opinion, are presently equal to those who denied the holocaust, when they knew it was going on! Time for a massive swamp drain, for sure!

Do you have internet service? Look up articles on theamericanreport.org.

Update, from Nevada! GOP officials said that among the evidence and expert testimony presented in Carson City, are indications that over 1,500 ballots were cast by dead voters, and that 42,248 people voted “multiple times.”

Dwight Needens

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