June 30 QVPR brought us a rather laughable article from columnist Rich Elfers, “Framing Narratives.” He goes on to say “sometimes one might try to shape their opponent’s narrative to cause people to vote a certain way... Often this type of narrative is inaccurate and deceptive.” That’s an amazing bit of honesty there, seeing as how he goes on to bore us with a whole slew of inaccurate and false statements all in an attempt to smear the political party he opposes and pushes people to vote for “his” party.

This is unfortunately all too common with “journalists” these days. There is no fact checking, there is no truth, it is all propaganda and lies aimed at getting clicks on the internet. I can’t believe the QVPR posts biased falsities like this in our quiet, beautiful town paper, but snakes tend to find their way into the smallest cracks all too often and then look at what happens when they sink their fangs into your city.

That’s why people are fleeing those cities by the hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, they are moving into our nice small cities and bringing the politics they are fleeing from with them. It doesn’t end well if we let them infect us.


Bill Guerrero, Quincy

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