If you are listening to the mainstream media, you probably think Joe Biden won. When did the media take the place of our supreme courts? And when did our courts take over our legislation?

In my opinion, we have had courts unconstitutionally change voting laws and aid in fraudulent voting. Every mainstream media network has denied any voter fraud, yet voter fraud is being reported nationwide on never before seen levels.

For those that watch the ideological subversion seen on your TV that networks call news, you may have missed the vote count being streamed live on CNN. As the count updated, over 500 votes were added for the Democratic candidate, as they should while over 500 votes were subtracted from the Republican candidate, which isn’t possible and should alarm anyone watching.

This is known as electronic vote shifting. The leftist activist organization known as CNN, is one of many fake news networks that claimed no voter fraud was occurring in our 2020 election. CNN broadcasted voter fraud right before our nation’s eyes.

I don’t know if everyone understands the severity of this. To overthrow an elected official and place an illegitimate plant via voter fraud, is to overthrow the will of We the People and it’s treason. Hitler would have been proud of our mainstream media. It is no different than forcibly removing the leader the people elected.

We are under an undeclared war with a coup d’état being implemented by subversive traitors nestled primarily in the Democratic party and some, even worse, hiding in the Republican party. The media claiming a false win for Biden is treason in itself, as they further use sedition to stoke civil unrest by creating a false hope for Biden voters who have already threatened civil war if President Trump is reelected.

It’s my opinion that the courts will rule voter fraud accrued and after removing illegal votes, President Trump will be declared the winner. I can imagine the media will once again turn to sedition and call rioting “peaceful protest” again. This will leave viewers feeling President Trump stole the election as they commend rioters as “social justice warriors.” By the same token, any patriots that would try to protect fellow citizens and businesses will be labeled as radical right wing extremists by our subversive, lying media.

We’re witnessing divide and conquer tactics at their finest. Trump 2020! Make voting legitimate again!

Kary Eaton, Quincy

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