Dear Editor,

There is a judicial race in Grant County that is very important. In 10 years working for John Knodell, I observed a true professional, a master of the art and science of trial lawyer, brilliant not just at interpreting law and applying facts and evidence, brilliant in advocating for crime victims at trial, and representing Grant County as the elected four-term prosecutor.

John was tough on crime but fair to ensure that the accused’s rights were protected. John was also a brilliant defense attorney, having represented many in Grant County, so he always looked at both sides, the strengths and weaknesses of a case, and making the tough calls on cases to prosecute and those that did not merit prosecution.

John is a long time resident of Grant County, having lived in Quincy, Wash. since 1980. John was the elected Grant County Prosecutor for 18 years. John successfully prosecuted violent criminals, such as Loukaitis, argued Blakely at the U.S. Supreme Court, establishing precedent and procedures in sentencing both in Washington State and nationally.

John served as President of the State Prosecutor’s Association. John has been elected three times as Superior Court judge since 2009. John has not let the black robe get to his head. John takes the bus to work from Quincy to Ephrata. I observed John meeting people, from dedicated law enforcement, teachers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, contractors, whatever vocation or profession, and treating everyone with respect.

Grant County voters re-elect John because he is fair, smart, has the experience and toughness to make the right call, and will do so without prejudice. John is a judge that does not make law. John interprets the law. Pass the message along to your friends, John should be re-elected as Grant County Superior Court Judge.

Albert Lin, Richland

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