Dear Editor,

Recent QVPR contributor Mr. Simon wrote, “Christian values and communist Marxist values cannot abide together.” My recent opinion letter never identified communism as a meritorious type of government; it clearly explained how current Republicanism was born from the fear of Communism being a perceived attack on Christian values. Communism cannot coexist with any religion. It has been historically proven to be an unreasonable, unjust, often inhumane method of governance. If we had been honest with 1950’s selves, hearing pastors and politicians alike blaming Communism as the source of all evil, we would’ve acknowledged that it could never take hold on American soil.

Not only would it have been impossible for widespread Communism to take root, given our fragmented local, state and federal governments, American independence would’ve squashed the slightest drift towards institutionalized collectivism.

Emerging Communism was the Republican clarion call to further adopt conservative values that steered away from societal reforms championing egalitarianism. The false dichotomy in Christianity and Republicanism that positions spiritual or economic salvation against the unequivocal focus of Jesus’s ministry to care “for the least of us,” found a convenient, if fallacious, scapegoat in Communism. Mr. Simon stated Americans want to preserve our land from the agenda that only exists to destroy our God given liberty and cherished freedoms. The nefarious agenda that could never consume America wasn’t Communism in the 1950s and certainly isn’t Socialism now. What agenda therefore seeks to destroy American liberties? Is it the Democratic agenda to create an America where every person, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, feels valued, productive and safe? That constitutes an expansion of American freedoms, not a destruction of God-given liberties. As Mr. Simon himself asserts, “Our great country’s freedoms and liberties are for all citizens of this land!”

Mr. Simon shrewdly recognized the horrific political positions of Democrats Governor George Wallace, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Albert Gore Sr. and Senator Robert Byrd. These men did not represent the inclusive values of today’s Democratic party. President Johnson did eventually concede, reducing his tax cut bill to 100 billion to overcome Senate gridlock. Johnson then helped shatter the Southern filibuster, finally giving way to the successful passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While Republicanism may not have wholly opposed Civil Rights, prioritizing personal freedoms was incompatible with recognizing injustices inflicted upon others. Equal rights inevitably were sacrificed on the altar of personal freedoms.

Sandy Zavala

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