One of the things that I have always kind of admired about Quincy, is it’s unusual way of projecting it’s farming community history, in the form of a mural on several business buildings in the area being painted with a scene of some old long ago photograph that shows the area’s farming history in days past.

What I find unusual about the murals is, that no matter where I have traveled throughout Central Washington, I have never seen another city that has done the same thing in this style. Or as nicely for that matter. All the murals are simple, eye catching, and yet very expressive in conveying their meanings to you, no matter your age.

They also have an unusual aspect that even when being viewed from several hundred feet away, they still convey their message, “Quincy is a farming community, and we are proud of it!”

Apparently this unusual ability of the murals to draw your interest, and convey their message, is simply from the way the murals have been done. Using only two simple colors.

Another refreshing aspect about the murals, especially in this day and age is, in not one of the paintings, is there a business logo. The mural itself, and its meaning, are all that the painting is there for. That, and I imagine of course in making the bland side of a broad building look much more appealing and interesting. If not a little educational as well.

The artists work is definitely unusual and unique. And the same might be said for the buildings owner as well. I bow to their efforts in adding a touch of class to the town.

Cliff Bates, Quincy

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