I have lived in Quincy for the better part of 30 years. This is the place that I have called home for that many years except for the four years I left to serve in the United States Army. Growing up, I played many sports; soccer, basketball and baseball, just to name a few. But my passion is and has always been soccer. From the time school was out until we could barely see the ball. It kept me and many of my teammates from being troublemakers. The only thing that sucked was around these months; the end of September, October and November, the only thing that stopped us was it got too dark around these months. The same towards the end of winter and early spring--too dark to play.

Over the years you would think that this would change like many of our other cities. Moses Lake and Wenatchee have lights set up for nighttime soccer, just like big cities like Spokane and Seattle with multiple fields throughout the city. There are even night leagues.

Why can the city place lights for basketball and tennis for night time use for the small quantity of people that play at night, but not for youth soccer or youth baseball? Why is there a disadvantage for youth sports in our community when it comes to these sports?

We do have a park (East Park) that has lights, but for a charge of $10/hour you can use the lights. Are the people who use the basketball or tennis courts at night being charged for the use of lights? I highly doubt it.

In the last two years, Quincy United Soccer Club has had nearly 12 of their soccer players on scholarships. The club was founded in 2012. Opportunities that long ago were just dreams, they are now a reality. The hard work, dedication and passion of its current director of operations has given kids from a small town hope for more.

Washington State is ranked #1 as the most soccer enthused in the United States. Let our children play at any time of the day. Let us keep them out of gangs, drugs or mischief. Let’s keep Quincy safe for all and a community that welcomes all sports.

Ernesto Sanchez, Quincy

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