Why would I re-elect District 13 Representative Tom Dent 2020?

The real question to ponder is not why but why not? Since I can think of no reason not to, let me tell you just a few reasons why I would. When I first met Tom he was doorbelling and educating the public on the reasons why he was running for office and how he would advocate on behalf of all the people he represents. It’s clearly obvious, Tom is passionate about his calling and his actions in having a strong work ethic emulates a holy presence.

Tom actually is a man of his word and he genuinely cares to work with all people. If Tom is not advocating on our behalf in Olympia during session, he’s spending time with his family, working on his ranch, attending meetings, meeting and talking to people and either directing them to the proper agency or helping move mountains to make this world a better place.

I am so proud of all of Tom’s accomplishments he has achieved throughout his life and during his time being our District 13 Representative. Historically, Tom has achieved some of the highest success in passing bills during turbulent and party division times. Multiple bills he has sponsored not only passed with bi-partisan support, but unanimously. To be able to ascertain such noble quests, during these most unprecedented times, is most highly commendable.

I can’t imagine someone speaking unkind about or being mean spirited to Tom, because if you actually knew Tom you would know he is really a great guy. That’s why I always tell him what I tell myself: Don’t worry if they don’t like you, not everyone can have great taste, it is your character shining kid and their character showing.

If you want a working representative with strong morals, a strong work ethic, compassionate heart, a genuine what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person, someone who will stand strong and fight for what he believes in, what his conscience says is right, then Tom Dent is most definitely your kind of guy!

I encourage everyone to vote for Tom Dent 2020 for District 13 Representative. I also encourage everyone to vote educated so please check out www.tomdent.us and see for yourself why Tom Dent is the smart choice.

Thank you,

Elisia Dalluge

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