I am a bicyclist and I ride a lot around the Quincy Valley. I am the old guy with the fluorescent shirts and helmet that you might see most days, somewhere in the area. I would like to thank all the motorists who have shown me courtesy on the roads. I have not felt endangered or had any close calls this year. I try to do my part by hugging the edge of the pavement to stay out of the way as much as possible.

Now to the point of my letter. Early in the spring, the county road department went out and swept the shoulders and sanded intersections in their jurisdiction. The City of Quincy does a good job of keeping the streets clean. However, the state (WSDOT) did nothing on the highways.

When my tires are constantly running on gravel, I define that as a gravel road, even if there is pavement underneath. That is the state of the highway shoulders around Quincy. In addition to the gravel, there are the wheel weights, nuts and bolts, shreds of blown tires, auto parts, tarp straps, broken glass, produce that has blown off trucks, dead animals, and whatever else motorists throw out.

WSDOT has not seen fit to sweep the shoulders in the area for at least a couple years. I have spoken to the man in charge and while I consider him a friend, nothing happened. I suppose it is too late this year, but maybe something can be done in the spring.

Les Patton

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