Dear Editor,

Recently I visited with Shirley and Dick Zimbleman who have been a part of Quincy Beautification for twenty plus years.

This will be their last season working with Beautification, and we wanted to thank them and let the community know a bit about their work with the areas on the highways that Cliff Bates and others have mentioned in earlier letters.

Dick remembers that it was “all work” at first as they removed rocks and sprayed for weeds. Although they often helped with others’ areas, they primarily worked the cemetery and the south entrance of town where they grew daffodils, tulips, iris, phlox, geraniums, cannas and fall crocus, not necessarily all in the same year.

Keeping up with weeding, pruning, digging cannas in the fall, trimming down phlox and removing annuals requires at least a weekly commitment, so when they are “retired” from Beautification, Dick and Shirley will concentrate on their large garden at their daughter’s and their family.

We’re all proud of the beauty this project brings to Quincy and appreciate Dick and Shirley’s dedication.

Judy Bryant,


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