Dear Editor,

As the lone politically progressive Christian contributor to the QVPR, with a shout-out to Kathie King for acknowledging that, I relish shedding light on opposing views, which are unapologetically “American.” Democrats are not the majority in Quincy but 81,281,502 of us voted for President Biden, a popular vote win that continues to be disputed by conservatives.

Arguing with each other when each side believes different news, research, television broadcasts, political pundits and even biblical truths, is thoroughly futile. It’s foolhardy to assume that you and I are willing to be convinced of anything we don’t already believe. We reside in lifestyle bubbles that are intentionally curated echo chambers.

Mrs. King doesn’t support President Biden pulling the plug on the Keystone XL pipeline while most Democrats applaud this as a win for environmental protections. Republicans see jobs lost. Democrats see an investment in a clean energy future. Democrats are willing to weather the curve of higher fuel prices and gradual job creation until clean energy sources prevail. Democrats see this as “Building Back Better,” while Republicans see this as “Building Back Worse.”

The next item Mrs. King points to is President Biden’s executive order that she reduced to “the transgender sports issue;” an unfortunate minimization of an order seeking to protect the rights of all people in academic and professional settings. Republicans have their “truth” about sexual identity and orientation while Democrats have theirs. Where Republicans decry “Building Back Worse,” seeing an erosion of their values, Democrats champion each American’s right to live a full and protected life.

Mrs. King mentions outrage at the idea that Trump supporters should be “deprogrammed and cancelled.” For-profit companies make censure decisions based upon presumptive financial loss and liability, the very core of capitalistic American self-preservation. While individuals should be allowed to express their opinions, words matter. Discourse should be civil, or recklessness will birth another travesty like the Jan. 6 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol. Republicans say that Trump’s words didn’t inflame his followers, that the insurrectionists were Antifa, “outliers,” or “staged” as Democrats shake their heads in utter disbelief.

Even the way we refer to the former and current presidents in our QVPR letters scream volumes about our unwillingness to meet each other halfway. Republican contributors often choose “Biden”, instead of “President Biden”, and Democrats opt for “Trump.” These not-so Freudian slips demonstrate how profoundly acrimonious we’ve become.

Sandy Zavala

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