Dear Editor,

Are we really smart to glorify our heroes like we do?

For example, cowboys. I’d like to call out all our Covid cowboys who are too manly to learn any science other than bronco riding and belt buckle shining. The real ride, boys, takes longer than eight seconds and involves a little knowledge of virology.

We continuously applaud our hometown soldiers and cops for their choice to protect America. But how often is their motivation just as much to blow stuff up and shoot people?

And what about our popular new girl heroes? Today’s lady superheroes do everything faster, smarter and better than men. Truth be told, they end up exceeding the sins of men as well.

Then there are our personalities who star as family-first fathers, kindness gurus, and sports wunderkind. They end up in prison, disgrace or a ditch (literally).

Folks, don’t idolize every new sensation you hear about. Behind their stories are often jerks or criminals not worthy of your time.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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