Well, how do you like them apples now?  Joe Biden, the Build Back Better, Unite The Country, President of the United States, has issued the order to extend the rental moratoriam that the Supreme Court has already declared is unconstitutional.  He looked at his 3X5 notecards and they were printed with this missive.  Well, old Joe can still read, however he doesn’t always comprehend what he reads and those in charge know this.  Otherwise he is just another enemy of the people along with the rest of the community organizers, professional protesters, social justice warriors and delusional “woke” activists who are nothing more than the American version of Marxists. It isn’t as though they are hiding what they are...they admit it in front of God and everybody.  Where is the relief for the property owners who have the dwellings that the renters are residing?  Maybe the Government wants to run them into the ground so the Government will end up with them?  Down the road they are going to need housing for all the “undocumented individuals” (we aren’t supposed to call them “illegal aliens”) who they are sneaking into the rest of the country, bringing chaos and covid, among other diseases.  Remember, they aren’t all from the Southern Hemisphere.

Thank you Dave Dormier for the timely letter to the editor regarding the school board candidate he was supporting.   The CRT and those who support it are not in the best interests of our kids, no matter if they are kindergarten or college students. Bill Guerro’s evaluation of Rich Elfers was  spot on too.

Last but not least, how do you like the police laws that were written and passed by the Olympia mafia who haven’t the least idea of what they are passing and now are saying “that isn’t what we meant” when it is pointed out that the police aren’t going to be responding to a lot of the calls or shut down their pursuit of a criminal act.  As Cory Bush, congresswoman, Mo., bragged, I have important things to do and need $70,000+ private security but the “Defund The Police” actions must go through.  She said we have to “suck it up”.  Well, I for one am not going to “suck it up”.


Kathie King, Quincy

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