Dear Editor,

In a recent 60 Minutes program, distinguished British Naturalist, David Attenborough, warned again that climate change threatens the survival of the earth. This letter to the editor consists of information found on a June 24, 2021 New York Times website. Evidence of the climate crisis, according to the website, is seen in the low levels of water in California, Arizona and Nevada lakes resulting in the shortage of water supplies for millions of people. In one California lake the water was so shallow that officials spotted plane wreckage from a 1986 crash.

As severe as the climate change crisis is, there is reason for hope. Tucson, Ariz. is a national leader in recycling wastewater for irrigation and firefighting, districts in California are investing billions into infrastructure to store water for future droughts and industries are developing more environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques that would repurpose carbon dioxide into building materials, fuels, plastics and even fish food.

The climate change crisis is real. Our current 100 degree temperatures in Quincy and all of the western U.S. is evidence of that. Thanks to modern technology we’re finding ways to reduce the earth’s temperature. I’m sure that’s good news to David Attenborough, the whole earth and all that God has made.

Ron Moen, Quincy

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