Coach unfairly fired

Dear Editor:

I am writing to voice my displeasure at the “firing” of Coach Greg McMillan.

I have known the McMillan family for over forty years. Coach McMillan and his family are highly moral, ethical and caring.

In regards to a highly- shortened covid season and a second covid season, Coach McMillan did not receive a fair opportunity to display his coaching abilities.

He came to Quincy with a good coaching reputation and he leaves his position with his dignity in tact.

I’m sure Coach Elliot will give his best effort to coaching Quincy High School football, as did Coach McMillan. Best of luck to the Jacks.

Joe Worsham

Soap Lake

Miss Kathie says

Dear Editor,

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year celebration with everyone they cared to share it with.

Since Covid is here to stay with us let’s get back to “enjoying” life.

Use whatever precautions you deem necessary. Wear a mask, if you want to be jabbed every 3 or 4 months go for it.

I am concerned some will overload their immune system and suffer for it down the road. Time will tell, however, it seems odd that no one will be held accountable for 50 to 75 years when a lot of us won’t be around to care.

Mr. Elfers did his rah rah rah for the Biden Build Back Better. He is such a loyal supporter for almost any whim the Democrat Administration comes up with, whether it helps, or hinders (which is more often the case than not) the American citizen.

He chides Senator Manchin for not supporting lock step the BBB bill while failing to mention some of the reasons...he said it would be “revenue neutral” unless the programs became “permanent”.

What programs in the past that were implemented were ever allowed to “die”? Very few if any.

Polls show people have little faith in the abilities of the activists who have been chosen to be in charge. They just keep pushing agendas that “give” things to some and keep others in the crosshairs. Mandates aren’t helping the situation, they are just dividing everyone. Common sense is a commodity that is in short supply these days.

Mr. Brunell had an excellent article pointing out the pitfalls of the carbon neutral proposals. This is where the lack of common sense rears it’s ugly head. The saying “you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig” applies here.

Quit holding the education system hostage, put people back in their jobs that they performed while waiting for the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine and stops nothing. “LET”S ROLL”!!!

Kathie King


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