Points to ponder

I’d like to thank the P. R. for printing Don Brunell’s columns. I’m finding them to be more consistently “urgently relevant.” If Governor Inslee and Senator Murray have their wishes concerning dams, they could potentially send the whole state spiraling into a crisis (like Governor Inslee could have potentially done when he gifted some burned-out orchardists with maggot-infested apples from his private orchard). Although it was a crime, no one dared to charge him even though Speaker of the House Pelosi (a member of his party), likes to proclaim “No one is above the law!” If you missed, or forgot the story, all you have to do is type the name Inslee and the word maggots into your internet search window and it will bring up a myriad of accounts. The June 6th issue of The Grant County Journal included an article I wish the P. R. would have reported on telling how Inslee’s appointments to an obscure regulatory panel have cost the taxpayers $70,000 in a public records lawsuit settlement and forced the governor to name new appointees. If you look it up you’ll see that once again, Inslee ignored Washington State Law. This isn’t a criticism, but a simple fact you can confirm for yourself by typing “Inslee settles lawsuit over Building Code Council appointments.”

Moving on to kudos, I’d like to thank Mandy Ottley, Carol Van Dyke, Dick Zimbelman, Phil Anderson, Bonnie Schroeder, Kathie King, Rod Luce, Ryan Van Dyke and Kary Eaton, to name a few, for their excellent editorials. You’re all very gifted and I’m literally praying that all of you will keep using your gift of writing. Letters like yours are often the only reason many of us open the paper with anticipation, while sadly, I know several people who won’t even open an issue of the P. R. any longer because of past issues which included outright lies in Rich Elfers columns. Like the claims that former President Trump was a racist when a myriad of other-race, well known people, such as Herschel Walker, Alveda King--and many more who experienced racism and KNOW Trump--clearly stated it’s a ridiculous and unfounded claim. Sad that Mr. Elfers didn’t report honestly and unbiasedly on the propogandous claim. Now, instead of deflecting to other subjects why doesn’t Elfers continue on the line of Presidential critiquing on the man he said would be a wonderful president?

Dwight Needens, Quincy

Time to take a stand on education

Dear Editor,

In the May 18th edition of the paper the article featuring the school board listed the “core beliefs” of the QSD’s new strategic plan. They are just what you would expect a school to embrace. However my concern is the curriculum and resources used to accomplish this strategic plan. On QSD’s website I found info that stated they will be using a “race and equity lens” for developing the plan. I have been attending school board meetings and that was not discussed. The professional development provided teacher is race oriented. The additional professional development resources recommended are also race related.

One resource in particular is the 1619 project. My research shows this to be about social justice training which is aligned with the Critical Race Theory and the Marxist Movement. A book written by Ibram K. Kendi is also recommended reading. In discussions with principals and superintendents, they assure me CRT is not being taught. Then why promote something you are supposedly not teaching? If you like America then why recommend these resources?

I am concerned how the strategic plan will be implemented.

Another area of concern is parent’s access to the curriculum they are teaching. They have been selective in what they show me when I have asked.

They have a web page dedicated to curriculum which says “coming soon”. It has said that all year. The district talks of being transparent and is supposed to have curriculum available to parents at any time. At times I have felt they were trying to be secretive.

It’s time to take a stand for our kids. It is time to become informed on what and how our kids are being educated.

P.S. I am enjoying the Parents Rights In Education ads in the paper.

Ryan Van Dyke, Quincy

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