I never thought I’d have to be writing this but let me be clear: The Constitution and Declaration of Independence, our nation’s foundational documents and declaration of beliefs, are not controversial – period. I will always stand to protect, defend, and follow our Constitution.

Unfortunately, in the latest showing of “cancel culture,” the Biden Administration’s National Archives Task Force has labeled our country’s records – including seminal documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution – as “outdated, biased, offensive, or [containing] violent language.”

Describing the sacred documents on which our nation was founded as “harmful or

difficult to view” is detrimental to the fabric of our society.

The role of the National Archives should be to preserve our shared histories and educate future generations – not to deny, change, or demonize our past.

Preservation, by its very nature, can’t be qualified. We either uphold the sanctity of our governing documents, or we don’t. Outrageously, by employing a “harmful content” label, the National Archives Record Administration (NARA) has abandoned their responsibilities, adhering instead to a Leftist perspective that demonizes our forefathers, discourages factual conversations about our history, and obscures the truth: that these documents were written to protect individual liberties and fundamental rights, and that the nation they established grew into the world’s greatest republic.

I am a proud American, and we should all remain steadfast in our pursuit of learning from our past and constantly working towards a more perfect union. To imply that documents as fundamental as our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are shameful is inappropriate and disrespectful of the men and women who fought against oppression and tyranny to secure the freedoms we all hold so dear.

I’ve sent a letter to the NARA demanding they remove this misleading label and end their attempt to politicize and erode our history. This progressive perception is distorting what binds us all together, and it’s time for the National Archives to return to its true mission of strengthening our republic, instead of attacking it.

This news from NARA is only compounded by additional inappropriate statements from federal entities. Just two days ago, Ford’s Theater National Park, which is funded by federal taxpayer dollars, joined the fray, tweeting a picture out of Abraham Lincoln and asking, “Do you ever feel we, as a nation, put Abraham Lincoln ‘on a pedestal’? What do you think might be a more useful, more complex, or more realistic way to think about or memorialize the 16th president?”

It is beyond the pale for a national park—one that would not exist if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t been tragically assassinated there—to ridicule or question our respect for a man who saved the union and abolished slavery.

These continued progressive attacks must stop. I will continue to stand up to cancel culture and preserve what makes this country so exceptional.

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