The hospital levy finally leaped past all its hurdles and seemed destined to pass on at least its second try, according to data gathered from Grant County Elections.

The county’s website published its latest vote count Monday night, and with only 300 votes left to count, the levy had gathered 1,405 Yes votes, good enough for 62.5 percent of the vote. The No votes tallied 843, good enough for 37.5 percent.

The levy needed 60 percent or more of the vote in its favor and either 1,111 yes votes to be cast or 1,852 total votes.

So far, 2,248 votes had been cast.

Glenda Bishop, CEO of the Quincy Valley Medical Center said prior to the final count that there was still a good chance the hospital’s $825,000 levy would meet both the validation threshold and the vote threshold this time around.

With about 3,000 countywide votes left to count as of Nov. 7, the levy needed to stay at or above 60 percent and gather either 63 more Yes votes or 131 total votes.

Prior to the Nov. 8 count of votes, Bishop said “We feel like there’s a good possibility that we will achieve the required number of votes to validate,”

She added, “We are close on the Yes votes and we are close on the total count.”

She had reason to hope, If about 4.4 percent of the remaining 2,900-plus ballots had a vote for or against the hospital levy, the levy would be validated.

“I don’t know if they will get through those votes by Monday night, because they don’t have to certify the election until Nov. 23,” Bishop said.

“But there’s hope,” she added, “and plenty of it.”

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