The dead body found in an alleyway in Quincy last Dec. 28 was identified as that of an elderly Hispanic male, Andrés Sánchez Rodriguez, Quincy Police Captain Ryan Green said. His body was discovered in the afternoon of the 28th by a worker at Inspire Development.

“The individual died from the elements,” Green said, noting that the autopsy had been performed on Friday.

The man was discovered by a maintenance worker at a daycare.

“One of the maintenance workers saw some of the toys scattered around and then saw a body lying on their fenced yard,” Green said. No children saw the body, Green added, as the daycare is on winter break.

The body showed no obvious signs of foul play.

The man was 70 and was living with his family in Ephrata, but “not as of recently,” Green said.

“He was a local Quincy resident for a long time,” Green said. “He had family in the Quincy-Ephrata area. He would be considered homeless, he was renting places but no permanent address.”

The death appeared directly related to the cold weather assailing the region in the last few days.

“It appears to be natural causes, weather-related,” Green said.

According to AccuWeather, Quincy had a high of 13 degrees and a low of five degrees on Dec. 28.

Green said he had not seen a case of someone dying from exposure in Quincy in the last four years, but that as a detective for the Grant County Sheriff’s Office he saw many more cases.

“These things happen,” he said. “I’ve dealt with several cases of exposure.”

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