Akins delivery

Harriet Weber volunteers to deliver groceries to Quincy residents.

Akins Harvest Foods in Quincy has started offering free grocery delivery twice a week as well as curbside pickup.

Deliveries are Monday and Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m. There are usually only one to four deliveries as most people are doing curbside pickup, said Julie Putnam, a volunteer delivery driver and organizer for the deliveries.

According to the Akins website, they are asking customers to not use the delivery option unless absolutely necessary. Michaela Dudder, manager at Akins, said that they are very grateful for their volunteers because without them, they would not be able to do deliveries.

Curbside pickup and deliveries are ordered online at https://www.akinsfoods.com/ under the tab labeled “shop.” The website does not reflect items that are out of stock, and pricing may not always be accurate, so they are happy to make substitutions as needed for the customer.

Upon checkout, the website will require an account login or sign up. Once completed, customers can select their order receiving preference and pay for their groceries online.

Curbside pickup requires a $20 order minimum and delivery requires a $35 minimum. There are about 20 curbside pickups a day, which changes from day to day, Dudder said.

Pick up orders are available one and a half to two hours after the order is made, or for a scheduled time slot.

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