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The animal shelter has an overwhelming amount of cats in their care. About half of the nearly 40 cats in their care are healthy (like this one) and ready for adoption. The other half aren’t quite healthy enough to go up for adoption yet.

The Quincy Animal Shelter needs help faster than a cat can catch a sleepy mouse.

The shelter put out a call on Facebook saying that they needed help from the community to take care of the large number of cats they have received in the past few weeks.

A video and post on Aug. 26 to the Facebook page stated that they needed foster cat parents. They have zoomed past their capacity limits and have even had to turn the manager’s office into a temporary additional cat room.

Shelter Assistant Daniel Reyes said that part of the reason why they are overwhelmed with cats is because they have not been able to transfer any to other shelters until further notice.

In the post, the shelter said they have 36 cats and kittens. At the time of the post, only about half were healthy enough to be adopted.

As for the other half, they have to spend extra time cleaning, disinfecting and giving treatments and special care to help them get back on their paws. They have had a few cases of Ringworm and are working through getting the sick animals back to full health while preventing others from catching it.

“Ringworm is nasty and hard to get rid of, so we must take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our other animals from getting it. We desperately want to get everyone healthy, so please bear with us as we struggle through this,” the Facebook post said.

The Facebook post said they are very grateful to the community for their patience, for those willing to volunteer or foster and those who have dropped off donations to the shelter in the previous weeks.

Reyes said that community members that would like to foster or volunteer need to fill out an application form. The form asks for basic information on the potential foster or volunteer so that they can run a background check on potential foster parents or volunteers. Once approved, fosters or volunteers will be contacted by the shelter to arrange a schedule to come in to work with the pets or pick up their foster pets.

Potential fosters do not need any supplies for the pets they take in; the shelter will supply all the animal needs and even give information packets for people.

Volunteers can come to the shelter to play and hold the animals and that way help them get used to human touch. Cats and kittens

The shelter hours are from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment on the weekends.

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