Felicie Becker

Felicie Becker will no longer be the interim principal at Quincy High School after the district announced last Thursday she is now permanent in the position.

Becker was appointed the interim principal last summer after former principal Doctor Marcus Pimpleton left to take a job with the Yakima School District. Prior to becoming the interim principal, Becker served as the vice principal for two years at QHS. Before then, she served in the Tahoma School District as a high school principal intern, instructional coach and a National Board-Certified teacher for 11 years, according to a district news release.

“Ms. Becker has done an amazing job of leading the high school staff through an extremely challenging transition from in-person schooling to virtual learning,” stated the release. “She is a tremendous instructional leader who works well with students, staff, and the community to support student growth and achievement.”

A survey of QHS staff regarding Becker’s leadership was administered and 74 respondents submitted overwhelmingly positive feedback about her leadership. District Superintendent John Boyd and Assistant Superintendent Nik Bergman also spent time talking with staff personally about the functionality of the high school under Becker’s lead. Based on the survey data and conversations with staff, Boyd made the decision to name her as a continuing principal, according to the release.

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