Officially starting three weeks ago, Desert Sun Dental in Quincy has added a new dentist to the practice, Dr. Birkin Owart.

Although his dentistry license was only activated in early August, Owart has been shadowing at the office, located on Highway 28 near the Heritage Park, since 2011. He has become very familiar with the practice, and the only one he knows; this is his first dentistry job.

Originally from the Frenchman Hills area, Owart grew up on an apple orchard before moving to Ellensburg, where he remained for his undergraduate degree at Central Washington University. After earning his degree from Central in 2011, double majoring in music and biology, Owart continued onto the University of Washington dentistry school for another four years.

According to Owart, UW has a great dentistry program, which he feels he learned so much from. However, he also credited his mentor Dr. Greg Klingel for helping him get to where he is today, adding, “I have a great mentor, he knows so much about dentistry.”

After eight years of schooling and many hours shadowing, Owart was excited to have the opportunity to return to the area, adding that it was a goal of his to come back to the area where he grew up.

Quincy “kind of has that nice small town community feel to it, which I really appreciate after being in Seattle for four years,” he said.

Owart said he think Quincy’s growth in recent years is great, adding that he appreciates the friendliness and willingness to help of the people here.

“This is the kind of place where you can say good morning to someone and that’s a normal thing to do,” said Owart, comparing it to a larger city like Seattle.

In his free time, Owart enjoys outdoor activities in the area such as running and biking the back roads around George and Frenchman Coulee. He also writes and plays saxophone music, a hobby he has enjoyed since middle school.

Owart found his way into dentistry because of his love for working with others. He enjoys being a resource for others when they have questions about their teeth, adding, “everyone’s got questions about their mouth.”

“I appreciate the amount of trust that people put into me when I work with them. I really like that level of responsibility.”

By Miles King,

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