About five years ago, Quincy local Mark Brown grew tired of Starbucks, so he started roasting his own coffee beans in his garage. After some trial and error, he got his roasts correct, and Stick and Rudder Coffee Bar and Roasters was born.

“There were a few failed attempts where there was smoke in the garage,” said Brown’s daughter Skyler, who manages Stick and Rudder’s new location inside Quincy Public Market.

The name Stick and Rudder stems from the family’s other business, Quincy Flying Service. Mark and wife Tara Brown own and operate the business together; Tara does the behind-the-scenes work and keeps the books while Mark flies the planes.

While helping run the flying service, the coffee stand and raising three daughters, Tara has also found time to make trips to Seattle for roasting and brewing classes, said Skyler.

“She’s a superhero, running the coffee stand and raising two other kids,” said Skyler, along with her flying service responsibilities.

Throughout high school, Skyler worked at the Daily Brew in Quincy, located near Heritage Park on F Street SW. She recalls her mother coming through the stand almost daily. With Mark’s love for roasting and Tara’s love for coffee, the family jumped into the business and purchased Daily Brew in January, their first location.

Their newest coffee business, called Sip, recently opened in the brand-new Quincy Public Market about a month ago, said Skyler. The location serves the same items as the Daily Brew, which includes coffee drinks, lemonades, flavored energy drinks and breakfast items.

The family eventually plans to start roasting in the market location and will bag and sell the roasts as well. According to Skyler, there are plans to make one special roast that will be stored in whiskey barrels.

“I’m really excited,” said Skyler. “I think it’s going to be super cool.”

The family found its way into the Quincy Public Market through a business partner, Rose Jones, a relative of market owners Larry and Janet Jones. Skyler believes the market will provide a community space to visit and relax for Quincy.

“We haven’t had a place with this kind of atmosphere,” Skyler said. “I think that it’s going to be really great for us and Quincy.”

While Skyler and her staff’s main focus is making a great cup of coffee, she also puts a heavy emphasis on customer service. According to Skyler, they “have a great group of girls.”

“For us, it’s not just making a cup of coffee,” Skyler said. “If you give them a smile, a little extra pick-me-up, it can completely change their day.”

By Miles King,

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